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AVAILABLE NOW. Your direct access to connect 4 land.

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Shaping businesses and lives by DB Schenker connect 4.0

“We advance businesses and lives by shaping the way our world connects”. To achieve this ambitious objective, we are consistently working on enlarging our range of digital products and services to further improve our business activities. With our initiative DB Schenker connect 4.0, we aim to provide easy access to our digital logistics solutions for everyone. Whether it be a large customer, a medium-sized company or a startup: Prospectively and with just a few clicks, our customers will be able to use DB Schenker's services conveniently, quickly and in a transparent way.

With connect 4 land, this is already a reality for DB Schenker's European land transport network: The state-of-the-art online platform for domestic and international system freight service is a tool for simple and direct online bookings, which can also be done via smartphone. Further, it offers immediate price and scheduling information as well as easy tracking. With this, the shopping experience known from the B2C sector is made available to the field of professional B2B logistics. That said, especially small and medium-sized customers, who seek fast and simple solutions, will benefit from the new booking interface.

With connect 4 land, we are taking another important step towards the digital future and equipping our company for sustained success.

Jochen Thewes, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DB Schenker

The booking platform is already available in Germany and Spain. Further European countries are set to follow by the end of the year. By 2019, customers throughout Europe will be able to use the new digital interface for system freight services. Adding to this and to serve customers of DB Schenker's other freight divisions, both connect 4 ocean and connect 4 air will be launched soon.


Ewald Kaiser

“Quick online access to the largest land transport network in Europe.”

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Did you know? To date, DB Schenker has handled almost 500,000 freight bookings digitally. Connect 4 land will further digitalize and boost these digital activities. To realize the new platform, an agile and cross-departmental team at DB Schenker developed the interface in only eight months. What a great achievement helping to shape the way our world connects.



Markus Sontheimer

"Online shopping has become standard in the B2C sector. Now the logistics business can benefit from online shopping as well.”

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Seeking more information? Just head over to efl.dbschenker.com.

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connect 4 land

DB Schenker starts rollout of new digital booking platform

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