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Creating the warehouse of the future with smart picking solutions

DB Schenker has successfully introduced smart glasses from Picavi and scanning gloves from ProGlove in order-picking operations in Germany, in order to increase warehouse efficiency. The smart glasses have been implemented in Bremen, while the combined solution with ProGlove is operating in Rodgau and a further pilot project is underway in Hannover. The goal is to implement the smart picking solution as standard procedure across multiple locations in the future.

Picavi uses Google Glass to project required information into the field of vision, while the intelligent scanning glove from ProGlove is easily activated by pressing a button on the glove. When used in combination, the two gadgets form an innovative, hands-free solution which maximizes productivity while minimizing error rates. ProGlove has been used by DB Schenker 2018, when the intelligent scanning solution was implemented in its warehouse in Eching, near Munich.

Since mid-April 2019, Picavi glasses have been used by employees at the warehouse in Bremen, resulting in a 10% increase in efficiency compared to the previous hand-held scanners. Furthermore, colleagues praised the glasses for their ergonomically friendly and easy-to-use design. The second implementation took place in Rodgau, near Frankfurt, together with ProGlove, while a further pilot project is underway in Hannover.

The smart picking solution is the latest project in digitalization and innovation, as DB Schenker works to create the warehouse of the future. Other recent examples include virtual reality training for forklift drivers and the implementation of exoskeletons to assist warehouse employees with heavy loads.

"In this project, we use Google Glass and ProGlove to create a hands-free picking solution. The project combines safety, productivity and efficiency and is very interesting for our customers - helping us to become customer's first choice"

- Detlef Protzmann, Head of Product Design

How does the smart picking solution work?

The solution consists of two components: the glasses and scanning glove. After the order is picked, which is recorded by the glove, the next order is displayed using the glasses. The user must look up slightly, meaning their normal field of vision is not compromised. The system is controlled using buttons on the battery pack, which weighs just 200 grams and is attached to the employee’s belt.