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Learning by gaming: Virtual Reality as a boost for employee training

Serious Gaming: In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics DB Schenker has developed an employee training course as a VR digital game. It complements the learning of packing and picking processes. A pilot in Leipzig shows that VR makes training faster, more successful and, at the same time, more entertaining. 



DB Schenker Gamification VR controllers

Training 4.0 at DB Schenker

The typical training in the field of warehousing consists of two parts: First, the employees are familiarized with the process through lessons using videos and other training material. Second, they receive training on-the-job in the warehouse. However, with modern tools the first part can be made much more efficient!

DB Schenker Gamification Thomas Schulz



“We go beyond the understanding that development can only happen through formal classroom training. Employees are much more likely to get excited about development opportunities which are innovative and entertaining.”

Thomas Schulz, CHRO DB Schenker

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The Benefits

The general idea was that any learning content is easier to memorize when used interactively and with feedback. By participating in virtual and interactive training employees retain more learning content and are better prepared for specific situations in the warehouse. They even learn certain movement sequences.