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Lautergold partnering with DB Schenker to deliver disinfectants
We Turn Schnapps into Hand Sanitizers. Can You Ship?

From Schnapps to Disinfectants with Lautergold: DB Schenker brings disinfectants to pharmacies and clinics in Germany

Known for producing some of the finest spirits and liqueurs, Lautergold came up with a great idea: “If we can make schnapps,” the company’s owners said, “we can make disinfectants.”

In no time at all, Lautergold began offering alcohol to pharmacies for the production of disinfection solutions. It then set up a dedicated hand sanitizer production line. As it morphed into a COVID-19-fighting machine, DB Schenker was alongside Lautergold every step of the way. 

Getting the hand sanitizer to market quickly is one more milestone in the long-standing partnership between Lautergold and DB Schenker. “There is no question that we are doing our utmost to keep our customers going in the current challenging times,” said Annett Riedel, Head of Sales at DB Schenker Chemnitz. “This situation shows how valuable our own network is both in Germany and across Europe. Working with Lautergold, we’re proud to be able to contribute to the containment of the coronavirus by quickly supplying hospitals and pharmacies."

Lautergold partnering with DB Schenker to deliver disinfectants

As the world mobilizes to fight COVID-19, Lautergold’s inbox is overflowing with requests. The company has restricted its regular production and is now focused primarily on alcohol for disinfection—the new Lauter “gold.”

Over 350 Orders Within 3 Days

Facing a nationwide hand sanitizer shortage, Lautergold initially offered its entire inventory of high-proof alcohol to pharmacies in the Free State through the Saxony Pharmacists Association. These groups use the alcohol to make hand sanitizer. “Over 350 orders were placed within three days,” said Lautergold Operations Manager Mike Schneising. 

The delivery quantity had to be rationed so that as many pharmacies as possible could be supplied. We gave hospitals priority.

The high demand for alcohol hasn’t abated. Pharmacies from other federal states in Germany are now asking Lautergold for help. In response, the company established a new production line and began producing its own hand sanitizer. The first batch of the as registered with the Federal Office for Occupational Safety and Health under the name SeptoEx and is reserved for public institutions and pharmaceutical wholesalers. Further productions are primarily dependent on the availability of the main raw material: alcohol.

DB Schenker Truck Being Loaded with Desinfectants

To get this precious, liquid gold to those who need it, DB Schenker Chemnitz, was standing by, ready to provide the necessary logistics and transportation resources. Having worked with Lautergold for the last 15 years, DB Schenker Chemnitz picks up as many as three truckloads of product daily and distributes them directly to clinics, pharmacies, and merchants.

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