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Cargo is loaded into the plane
Cargo is loaded into the plane

Supporting the safe return of students to the classroom

DB Schenker is proud to be working with Samsung to help deliver on the Australian Government’s return-to-school plan for Victoria. Throughout Term 4, over 50,000 air purification devices are being rolled out to schools state-wide.

Given the urgency of supply, DB Schenker worked with Samsung on a number of solutions to meet the critical timelines, including chartered flights with various departure and destination points.

One of these charters was from Samsung’s manufacturing hub in Korea to Sydney using an Antonov Cargo plane AN-124. This is the second largest cargo plane in the world, the world's heaviest gross weight production cargo airplane, and was able to carry 364 pallets of air purifiers. The purifiers were then moved by truck from Sydney to Melbourne for distribution to Victorian public schools.

Crew holding a DB Schenker banner while standing in the back of the plane From left to right: Damien Moynihan (Warehouse & Transport Manager, Sydney), Daniel Andersen (Director Air Freight, A & NZ), Craig Davison (CEO, A & NZ), Kay Kim (Program Manager – Samsung Electronics, A & NZ)

DB Schenker and Samsung have a longstanding relationship in Australia, with their partnership spanning back to 2003. In 2017 Samsung, DB Schenker and Packsize won an ‘Excellence in Manufacturing Supply Chains’ award during the Smart Conference and Expo, a leading Asia-Pacific supply chain and logistics management event.

The award was given due to a custom packaging solution that streamlined the process and optimised delivery services that resulted in approximately a 50 per cent reduction in damage and a 10 to 15 per cent reduction in the cubic volume of items shipped. This highlights the pairings affiliation and ongoing effort in continuous improvement.

Urgent Delivery Required? #OurAnswerIsYes

Jeremy Senior, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics Australia, said that Samsung commends the Victorian Education and Training Department for looking at different types of technology as a way to protect and bring confidence back to the community.

“It’s tremendous to see that the Department of Education and Training Victoria has reviewed a multitude of options to keep Victorian students safe as they return to school in a post-COVID environment, and we are thrilled to be a part of their plan.”

As Samsung commends the Victorian Education and Training Department, DB Schenker commends Samsung on trusting us with the timely delivery of these air purifiers. Filippa Rusec, Chief Commercial Officer Australia New Zealand, attributes this to the DB Schenker global network paired with dedicated and experienced employees.

“Whether it is an urgent delivery, a cost-effective import solution, or even reverse logistics, we constantly strive to improve in delivering efficient solutions, including using the latest technology."

“As one global team with one goal, DB Schenker can deliver integrated and customised solutions. By choosing us, you will become part of a logistics network connecting the world. We don’t just move our customers goods, we take them further.”