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Pilgrimage DB Schenker

761 pupils – 119 teachers – 1 dream fulfilled by DB Schenker

An entire school travels from Goch, Germany to Rome, Italy. A journey of more than 1500 km. In Rome, a long dream for the pupils comes true: They meet the pope. All with the help of DB Schenker.

The truck is amazing. We are so lucky we are allowed to use it.

Pilgrimage School Class

All school classes will join the pilgrimage – even the youngest pupils.

Logistical challenges

The pupils drive altogether by one train. But the time window for baggage handling at the train stations is too short and it is simply too much. Because not only personal luggage will be transported but also highly sensitive goods like food or the instruments of the whole school big band orchestra. A total weight of more than 13 tons. For comparison only: This is the weight of 2 male African Elephants.

For DB Schenker, logistics is not only transporting goods but rather advancing lives. Our purpose is to have a positive impact on society and people’s lives.

Thewes DB Schenker DB16977

Jochen Thewes, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DB Schenker

„It’s not your ordinary tour. It’s special.“

Pupils, teachers and even the DB Schenker driver
were amazed when the saw the truck for the first time.

Enabler of dreams

This is where DB Schenker comes in: In the first step DB Schenker provided a logistic concept for the challenging demands. This includes the transport of the whole luggage from North Rhine-Westphalia via Austria and the Brenner Pass to Rome and the support with the distribution of the luggage to the eight different hotels in Rome. Two DB Schenker truck drivers a necessary to cope with these requirements. On top of that everything is transported in an individually branded special truck. Everything is free-of-charge.

This is a great project

DB Schenker Truck Pilgraimage

It takes almost a whole day to apply a special branding in form of text and photos of the pupils on every side of the truck.

After a one-week stay, the pupils and their teachers return to Germany with one fulfilled dream – thanks to DB Schenker.