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Philippino DB Schenker logistics team

Can you secure telecoms services despite strict quarantine measures?



Amazing job team Philippines: How our colleagues secured telecoms services during lockdown

Now more than ever, everybody needs phone calls and internet connectivity. But what if you were partly responsible for keeping communications up and running in your country during a lockdown situation?
Our colleague Glen Portus is responsible for managing 35 sites nationwide for the biggest telecommunications company in the Philippines on behalf of DB Schenker. Together with his logistics team, he took up the challenge and won.

Manager Glen Portus DB Schenker Philippines

"Knowing that phone calls are more important than ever during a lockdown situation, we did our very best to secure communication for our country." Glen Portus

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Philippines, DB Schenker was expected to continue business operations for PLDT, the biggest telecoms company in the country. This included operation of 35 warehouses nationwide every day from Monday to Saturday, plus on-call operations on Sunday for urgent repairs of telco sites. Even with the unavailability of public transport, the team still had to get to work - some walked long distances, while luckier ones traveled by bike.

The Team behind PLDT telecoms company Philippines

The task was not easy, but the team was determined to fulfill their promise to PLDT during this challenging time.

According to PLDT, DB Schenker was one of the most responsive partners. Minerva Agas, Vice President PLDT says: "You are COVID heroes, indeed! We thank you and your team for your dedication and support to PLDT."

Map of DB Schenker Sites in the Philippines

The scope of DB Schenker's service includes inbound receiving, storage, outbound issuance of telephone, PABX, radio and transmission, line and cable materials, and supplies to all 35 sites nationwide. The sites include one main and three regional Schenker warehouses, plus 31 PLDT satellite warehouses.