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DB Schenker employees search green with Ecosia

As an environmental pioneer, DB Schenker is leading the way in green logistics and is continuously searching for ways to help protect our planet. Ecosia – a Berlin-based start-up – is offering a new way of searching the web by using the money generated from search ads to help fund reforestation projects. As of October 2019, Ecosia is the default search engine at DB Schenker, meaning over 62,000 employees using a computer in their daily work can join the movement to help reduce the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.

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An average of 45 searches are needed to plant a tree, according to Ecosia. If each DB Schenker employee searches just once per working day, enough money could be made to plant over 1,300 trees every day. This could equate to over one million trees in the next three years. By switching to Ecosia as the default search engine, DB Schenker has the potential to improve the environmental sustainability of the logistics industry as a whole.

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At DB Schenker we are aware of the responsibility we hold to set sustainable standards in logistics and are continuously trialing innovative solutions in environmental protection.
The implementation of Ecosia as our default search engine is the latest initiative as we work towards our goal of being the leading green logistics provider across the globe.
DB Schenker colleagues are extremely dedicated to protecting our environment and I believe we have huge potential to make a difference.

Jochen Thewes, CEO of DB Schenker

Ecosia uses 80% of their income to fund nonprofit organizations focusing on reforestation, in order to benefit the environment, people and local economies. 

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So far, over 70 million trees have been planted all over the world.

Ecosia is also powered by renewable energy from their own solar energy plant, meaning each search is carbon-negative and helps to remove CO2 from the atmosphere – one kilogram, to be precise. Additionally, Ecosia is transparent in their financial reporting and has high standards in user privacy and data protection. All of these factors convinced our Global Infrastructure Services department that Ecosia is a great fit for DB Schenker.

Ecosia currently supports over 20 reforestation projects in 15 countries around the world, including Brazil, Ghana, Indonesia, Morocco, Senegal, Spain, Tanzania and Uganda.

By working with local partners and focusing on biodiversity hotspots, Ecosia not only removes CO2 from our atmosphere, but also helps protect endangered species, restores destroyed or damaged habitats and provides help where it is needed the most.

As a global organization, DB Schenker recognizes the importance of collaborating with local communities as we work towards our goal of becoming the world’s leading green logistics provider. With many of our employees involved in sustainability initiatives – including tree-planting activities – around the world, we are proud to be taking this important next step in helping to protect our environment.