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Short-term warehousing for DB Schenker costumers
Short-term warehousing

Keep your business moving with short-term warehousing

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit global supply chains with full force. Due to changing consumer behavior, stranded shipping containers are piling up in seaports with goods that can no longer be sold due to changing consumer behavior. In addition, growing consumer demand for certain goods, for example in the food or health sector, has led to an increase in production. This has two consequences: Currently unsaleable items need to be stored temporarily and companies are having to build up safety stocks to avoid interruptions in supply.

In the current situation, logistics is crucial to our daily lives. Supermarket shelves remain empty if goods are not replenished and supply chains must be kept running for the provision of essential goods.

Todd Starbuck Portrait

"I am very pleased that we were able to develop a digital platform that identifies available logistics space at our worldwide locations. With this platform, we want to help companies that are urgently looking for vacant storage capacity during this critical period. Special thanks go to both the Operational Excellence and Business Planning teams, who played a key role in creating this solution to help our customers find storage space."

- Todd Starbuck, EVP Business Development, Customer Management & Solution Design

How are we helping our customers in this situation?

We have taken up the challenge of meeting customer demand for additional short-term storage by going beyond our normal capacity. By implementing a digital platform, we are able to access and locate available storage space, updated daily, at each of our 794 locations in 60 countries.

Square meters normally used for dedicated customers, for example to cope with market fluctuations, are now transformed into temporary space opportunities — to support companies that urgently need additional capacity.

Are you facing this challenge and urgently in need of storage space for your goods? Please reach out to our worldwide sales team for more information.