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DB Schenker helps public get tested for COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia

The supply chain industry is the backbone of the global flow of goods. It is a logistics organization that brings it all to you - from your Amazon deliveries to potentially life-saving COVID-19 test kits. At DB Schenker, we understand the importance of this responsibility – it drives us to find the best solution for our clients. For example, in Saudi Arabia, our timely assistance empowered the healthcare industry to get people tested for the coronavirus. How? Read along. 

In mid-2020, as the pandemic was raging across Saudi Arabia, the number of new cases continued to be just shy of 5,000 per day*. The government needed a sizeable number of high-accuracy COVID-19 test kits to identify the infection spread – this is where DB Schenker got involved.

As per the government's standards, the firm identified a reliable vendor and struck a deal for 27 tons of COVID-19 test kits – this was only the easy part.  The tricky part was moving them from Europe to Riyadh, given the lockdown restrictions.


The test kits were significantly high in demand by other governments as well. Even the slightest delay could have cost DB Schenker to lose the stock, preventing the government from getting its people tested in Saudi Arabia. Since the test kits were classified as DG (dangerous goods), very few transport options were available due to the lockdown. The choices were further limited because they had to move in a temperature-controlled environment.


The DB Schenker team in Saudi Arabia leveraged its close cooperation with the European network to move the goods at the earliest. To secure the test kits' shelf life, the firm chartered a temperature-controlled plane and made further arrangments to ensure that temperatures were maintained between the required range of 2o – 8o Celsius until the kits reached the customer. 

A Brighter Future

DB Schenker's successful handling of sensitive healthcare products inspired confidence in both the government and private sector clients in Saudi Arabia. Several key players in the healthcare industry approached the firm to handle the logistics of more products. Rising to the occasion again, DB Schenker moved roughly 20 shipments of neonatal test kits that help detect vitamin deficiencies. These kits are in high demand at several governmental labs in the country.

The preferred logistics partner in Saudi Arabia

Because of these achievements, DB Schenker is now looking forward to importing an additional two million COVID-19 test kits for the Saudi Arabian government. The firm's quick action, proactive arrangements, and error-free logistics services have once again consolidated its position as the leading logistics provider in the country.