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DB Schenker means German quality, guarantees and standards!

DB Schenker has more than 720 offices in 130 countries.Consolidated terminals network covers 36 European countries withfull coverage within each of them. System regular sending ofgroupage “shuttle” on a “warehouse-to- warehouse” basis. Usage ofboth, our own and subcontractor’s transport.

Benefit of our netowrk: One network for your success and two simple solutions

A more rapid exchange of goods in Europe: DB Schenker – theintegrated transport and logistics services provider – has furtherstrengthened its European Land Transport network and introducedtwo new pan-European products for system freight.Effective immediately, all European business centers are now linkedwith one another through daily connections. This will enable morerapid goods distribution and thus greater production flexibility atEuropean companies. Furthermore the customers can now choosebetween two easy-to- use products that are standardized acrossEurope:DB SCHENKERsystem and DB SCHENKERsystem premium.

Our advantages in international system freight (export/import)

  • Cargo freight within Schenker network with “door-to-door” service in all European countries

  • Usage of the most preferable for client types of delivery

  • groupage cargo through DB Schenker network (up to 2500 kg)

  • usage of our own terminals in Europe for consolidation of cargos of different directions and their delivery by direct truck

  • delivery by direct truck to a warehouse in Minsk and distribution by inland transport

  • express-delivery by separate vehicles

  • Permanent support and communication with customers in the sender/receiver language ​​

  • Transparency of delivery time at the level of postal codes anywhere in Europe and Belarus

  • Flexible pricing and customer-oriented approach


Our advantages in system freight on the territory of Belarus:

  • Our wide network and reliable partners enable deliveries to different places in Belarus

  • Order and providing of vehicle within few hours after receiving the order as well as a providing “Same day” service

  • Delivery on “door-to-door”“warehouse-to-door”

  • Competitive prices

  • Financial responsibility for the cargo (subject to insurance)

  • Control and guaranteed return of documents to the consignor, and the preparation of accounting documents according to the customer requirements

  • Preparing of reports on the client’s request

  • Individual approach and additional services: prior notification of the consignee about delivery time (a day or an hour before); the carrier’s help with unloading, etc.

Our advantages in the transportation of small cargo (up to 50 kg):

DB Schenker can provide a variety of additional services for its customers with an efficient combination of the parcel size and groupage cargo:

  • Single order: only one order is neccessary for the local DB Schenker office to handle parcel or groupage order

  • Single pick up: parcel and groupage cargo are picked up from the sender by one vehicle

  • Single tracking system: information about supply route of your groupage cargo is available in integrated IT system

  • Single contact person: you can address any requests for information about your parcel or groupage cargo directly to the responsible DB Schenker office

Local DB Schenker offices will furnish you with more detailed information about this service and other its options.  

DB Schenker in Belarus
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