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  • What makes your work within Land special?
    Having had a classic logistics education, I used to act in more sales related functions in sales directly but also in product land traffic. Being more a land generalist with sales-DNA allows another view to act and react to challenges and to find different solutions and concepts.

    What are your areas of interest/ hobbies?
    Sports, getting to know new cultures, creative cuisine.

    Please share your personal goals with us.
    Maintaining a position to design, analyze, find solutions, and to drive the realization. On top of this, always in joint teamwork with a highly motivated team and an open and honest spirit.

    Bianca wearing a black knee-long dress and leaning against a wall

    What are your strengths?
    I am open and result oriented to challenges. Further, I am honest, straightforward, and responsive. 

    If you could say only one thing to other women who are planning to take on a career in logistics or are already in logistics, what would it be?
    Trust in yourself and your abilities!

    Thank you, Bianca, for taking your time and answering all the questions.

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