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DB Schenker helps you get more out of your business. Fill up your truck with just a few clicks. Drive4Schenker is your digital connection to the freight you need. Sign up today and get ready to receive more loads.

Enjoy the benefits of Drive4Schenker

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Fill up your truck – faster than ever

Book your load with just a couple of clicks – saving you time and hassle.

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We select the right load for you

Let us know your preferred tradelanes and receive load proposals in your inbox.

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A seamless process and faster payment

A fully digital process ensures less paperwork and faster payment.

3 Easy Steps

From finding the right load to getting paid faster, Drive4Schenker helps you advance your business.

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1. Get started

Sign up today – it’s quick and easy

Tell us what load you prefer

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2. Get loads

Receive exclusive load proposals via email

Fill up your trucks with just a few clicks

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3. Ready to go!

Assign trips to your driver

Upload PODs to get paid fast

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Stay ahead with Connect2Drive

Track your trips in real-time and access transportation details when you need them. Let your drivers upload PODs via the app to get paid faster.

Advance your business. Get started with Drive4Schenker.