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COVID-19 Health Response Efforts?


Our Healthcare Response Efforts

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and exceptional people. Both are in place at DB Schenker, where tackling unprecedented logistics challenges has become a daily routine. Since the Coronavirus outbreak emerged, DB Schenker has been transporting face masks, cleaning necessities, and critical medical supplies around the globe. #OurAnswerIsYES

Can you support the smooth delivery of COVID-19 test kits from Korea to Norway?

#OurAnswerIsYES Following K-Pop and K-Beauty, Korea’s prevention of epidemic (“K-Quarantine”) is also drawing worldwide attention amidst COVID-19. This resulted in the increasing demand for Korea’s COVID-19 test kits in other parts of the world. Read on to find out how our team shipped 450,000 test kits from Korea to Norway.
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Can you quickly convert exhibition halls into a hospital?

#OurAnswerIsYES In just 6 days, the DB Schenker special logistics team moved medical equipment and supplies to convert the six exhibition halls into a makeshift hospital for COVID-19 patients at the Hannover Messe (Exhibition and Convention Center), in Hannover, Germany. The makeshift hospital covers a total area of 100 000 square meters and is fitted with 460 beds. Additional halls are turned into emergency admissions space, bathrooms, and catering facilities for up to 1000 employees. In critical times, we are here to support. Contact our special logistics team at
DB Schenker COVID-19 Response

Flights are being cancelled. Can you transport Coronavirus test kits?

#OurAnswerIsYES DB Schenker recently transported Coronavirus test kits on behalf of Korean pharmaceutical manufacturer SD Biosensor. The kits were transported by air freight to countries where the number of people infected with COVID-19 is particularly high, in order to quickly determine whether a person is infected or not. Despite the many flight cancellations, our Korean team was able to support SD Biosensor by shipping diagnostic kits to various destinations worldwide at short notice.
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We Turn Schnapps into Hand Sanitizers. Can You Ship?

#OurAnswerIsYES Lautergold partners with DB Schenker to bring disinfectants to pharmacies and clinics in Germany.
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Is there a fast way to get PPE from China to Europe?

#OurAnswerIsYES Together with our partner Icelandair, we provide a daily connection from China to Europe and the USA — a minimum of 45 flights from Shanghai, China, to Munich, Germany, and Chicago, USA. With 12 rotations per week, we are transporting urgently needed medical equipment and supplies to their destination in just five to seven days.

Can you put a warehouse into operation during Coronavirus at short notice?

#OurAnswerIsYES Our Contract Logistics team in the Philippines successfully started operations for a healthcare manufacturer – migrating 7,000 pallets of medical supplies and equipment to a new DB Schenker warehouse. The inventory was transferred just in time as the government announced an extended quarantine shortly afterwards. If the transfer had been delayed by just a few days, this operation would not have been possible.
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We need high-speed delivery of medical supplies. Can you deliver?

#OurAnswerIsYES DB Schenker, Porsche, and Lufthansa work with German state governments to deliver 50 planeloads of protective gear to hospitals, first responders, and medical facilities. When Baden-Württemberg and the Free State of Saxony needed help managing the impacts of the coronavirus crisis, they turned to the business community for help.
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Can Shippers and Logistics Providers Join Forces to Fight Coronavirus?

#OurAnswerIsYES DB Schenker distributes Anti-COVID priority shipments of disinfectants, offering free delivery directly to healthcare facilities, doctors, dentists, retirement homes and social services.
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Can a designer brand equip COVID-19 patients?

#OurAnswerIsYES Burberry donated 100,000 masks to the NHS and are air freighted by DB Schenker to the UK. As a response to the current market situation, experts at DB Schenker help ensure that critical shipments are given the priority needed. Also – Burberry is repurposing resources to fight against the Coronavirus by having recalibrated its trench coat factory in Yorkshire to make non-surgical gowns and masks for patients.

Can safety masks fly business class?

#OurAnswerIsYES COVID-19 Response: In partnership with Lufthansa Cargo we delivered more than 3 million protective masks for our customers B.BRAUN and VOLKSWAGEN. Boxes were manually packed on passenger planes from China. All cabin space in rows and luggage compartments were used. Mission accomplished!

Can you help turn exhibition halls into a hospital?

#OurAnswerIsYES In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, the DB Schenker team assisted the IFEMA – Madrid Fair – to distribute donated goods to several pavilions which have been converted into hospitals that receive COVID-19 patients.

Thank you.

The entire Board of Management would like to thank all our hard-working colleagues all over the world. Thank you for supporting our colleagues, our company, our customers as well as our society. Thank you for taking charge at a time when our work is more important than ever.