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    The team that made it happen

    Portrait of Anastasia

    Empowerment is about igniting the spark within, lighting the path toward greater possibilities.

    Anastasia / Brand

    Portrait of Caro

    I am eagerly looking forward to our Ignite Summit celebrating International Women's Day, where we will

    engage with many impressing internal and external role-models and take time to exchange on topics that matter to all of us. Specially in crazy time like this, it is important to strengthen our commitment to empowerment, diversity and inclusion - sparking an

    inspiring light amongst our colleagues.

    Carolin / Diversity & Inclusion

    Portrait of Charmaine

    I'm grateful to be part of this amazing team who put this event together! Each member in the team is hands-on and supportive, and plenty of thought was put into the details in order to give participants the best experience possible.

    Charmaine / Digital Marketing

    Portrait of Deniz

    This year's Ignite Summit isn't just an event – it's a personal invitation. It's a chance to learn from diverse voices, unlock hidden strengths, and connect with a community that celebrates you. I'm beyond excited to be part of something so powerful!

    Deniz / Marketing and Communications

    Portrait of Jacqueline

    Better together!

    Jacqueline / Digital Marketing

    Portrait of Laura

    Collaborating as a team to advance such a crucial and meaningful topic fills me with pride. It is important not to overlook this fact: Only by working together can we accomplish everything and remain resilient. Therefore, let's inspire inclusion.

    Laura / Communications

    Portrait of Sophie

    Ignite Summit is a crucial D&I platform for all people at DB SCHENKER as it amplifies the voices of women, highlighting their achievements and addressing persisting gender disparities. With men as allies, the Summit is a global call to action, which empowers individuals, challenges stereotypes, and through networking inspires collective efforts toward a more inclusive and equitable working environment.

    Milica / People and Organization

    Portrait of Marina

    I’m beyond excited to invite you to a unique gathering that is bound to spark joy, inspire us to be even greater, and foster belonging amongst us all. Together, at the 2024 Ignite Summit, we're not just attending a conference; we're shaping our future - together. See you at the summit!

    Marina / Diversity and Inclusion

    Portrait of Sherash

    Diversity and inclusion are the bedrock of progress and innovation. Embracing diverse perspectives not only enriches our understanding but also fuels our ability to solve complex challenges. Our Ignite summit matters to me because it provides me with the opportunity not only to make an impact, but also to uplift and empower others, fostering a culture where everyone's voice is heard and valued.

    Sehrash / People and Organization

    Portrait of Sophie

    The Ignite Summit is an initiative I feel incredibly passionate about because it is about being seen and heard for who you are. It is a testament to the incredible strength of women who show nothing but kindness and support whenever asked for help. I am very proud to be a part of the female powerhouse that has created this special event.

    Sophie / Brand

    Portrait of Zanele

    Be the spark that ignites inspiration in others.

    Zanele / People and Organization South Africa

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