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    The 2024 Ignite Summit transcended boundaries by bringing together an eclectic mix of voices - from professional athletes and seasoned professionals to transformative life coaches, best-selling authors, and pioneering leaders at every level. 

    Speakers (in alphabetical order)

    Dr. Adrienne Milner

    Director of DEI and Insights | Leader in DEI Data Analytics

    Dr. Adrienne Milner leads DEI and Insights at Unthink, utilizing her expertise in culture and policy change to enhance organizational outcomes. With a focus on advanced statistical analysis and policy evaluation, she supports notable clients in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    An honorary senior lecturer with significant academic contributions, Dr. Milner's background includes competitive basketball and a unique interest in hot sauce eating contests, highlighting her diverse talents and experiences.

    Adrienne Milner, PhD | LinkedIn 

    Alyssa Jaffer

    Global Communications at Deliveroo | Freelance Writer

    Alyssa Jaffer excels in content writing and communications, holding two journalism degrees and extensive experience in content marketing. She leads global communications for Deliveroo's rider fleet, impacting over 180,000 riders worldwide. Alyssa also contributes to gender equity and learning initiatives within the company.

    Her freelance journalism covers women's careers and health, featured in notable publications. Starting her career as an investigative and lifestyle reporter, she continues to explore these themes through her writing. 

    Alyssa (a-lee-sa) Jaffer | LinkedIn 

    Portrait of Banele

    Banele Mabuza

    IT Field Support Intern | IT Management, South Africa | DB SCHENKER

    Banele Mabuza, an IT Field Support Intern at DB SCHENKER South Africa, brings a blend of technical acumen and engaging communication skills. Proficient in troubleshooting and customer service, he is committed to professional growth, pursuing interests in software development and emerging technologies.

    Additionally, Banele co-hosts "Beat The Blues", further showcasing his dynamic skill set and ability to connect with a broad audience through the universal language of music.

    Banele (Sebastian) Mabuza | LinkedIn 

    Portait of Michalec

    Barret Michalec, PhD

    Director of the Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice | Education and Research at Arizona State University  

    Dr. Barret Michalec is a distinguished academic, directing CAIPER at Arizona State University and holding an associate clinical professorship at Creighton University. His sociological research focuses on enhancing empathy, humility, and communication in professional education.

    Celebrated for his contributions, he has received prestigious awards including the Josiah Macy Jr. Faculty Scholar Award. Prior to academia, Michalec worked in voice-over for CBS and maintains an interest in narrating educational content. Residing in Arizona, he enjoys the tranquility of night trail running in the desert. 

    Barret Michalec, PhD | LinkedIn 

    Portrait of Caro

    Carolin Rudy

    Vice President Global Tribe Sustainability | Global People Excellence | DB SCHENKER

    Carolin Rudy, Vice President of the Global Tribe Sustainability at DB SCHENKER since November 2023, brings over two decades of HR experience, including a significant tenure at Vodafone Germany and DDI, a global consultancy. Specializing in culture transformations, leadership development, and talent management, Carolin's expertise is deeply rooted in her background as an A&O psychologist.

    Beyond her professional life, she is a proud mother of three, balancing family life with personal passions for music, playing the piano, singing, and baking, showcasing her multifaceted life and commitment to both professional and personal growth. 

    Carolin Rudy | LinkedIn 

    Portrait of Carolina

    Carolina Liås

    Senior Vice President | Head of Air Freight, Cluster Nordics | DB SCHENKER

    Carolina Liås, as the Senior Vice President and Head of Air Freight for the Cluster Nordics at DB SCHENKER since April 2023, demonstrates a committed and passionate leadership style. With a focus on creating result-oriented teams, she emphasizes clear communication, teamwork, and coaching, often exceeding challenging targets. Carolina brings 20 years of leadership experience and a history of improving financial and engagement levels.

    With full P&L responsibility and extensive experience in the transport and logistics industry, she is known for her strategic focus, positive energy, and dedication to growth. Carolina lives by the motto that every journey begins with a single step, embodying her can-do attitude and inspirational leadership. 

    Carolina Liås | LinkedIn 

    Portrait of Dominik wearing a suit

    Dominik Borgel

    Head of Strategy and Program Management Europe | CEO Europe - Strategy and Program Mgmt | DB SCHENKER

    Dominik Borgel, with a robust background in consulting and industry, currently serves as the Head of Strategy and Program Management Europe at DB SCHENKER. Over four years, he's notably implemented OKRs across Europe, led restructuring of Fairs and Exhibitions Germany during the pandemic, and spearheaded the Unleash initiative.

    His expertise lies in strategy execution, corporate restructuring, and project management. A fun fact about Dominik is his involvement in the restructuring team for Hellmann, ironic considering his current role at DB SCHENKER. Additionally, he has a passion for investing and enjoys management and self-improvement audiobooks, highlighting a blend of professional dedication and personal interests. 

    Dominik Borgel | LinkedIn 

    Portrait of Elena

    Elena Nolte

    VP Global Tribe Employer of Choice | Global People Excellence | DB SCHENKER

    Elena Nolte serves as the VP of Global Tribe Employer of Choice within Global People Excellence at DB SCHENKER, bringing over a decade of experience to the role. Her journey includes leading the Global Center of Expertise for Talent Acquisition, where she oversaw employer branding, talent marketing, recruiting, and onboarding with a global team.

    Elena's diverse HR background spans policies and standards, talent development, and recruiting across business units. A nature, outdoor, and animal enthusiast, Elena's rural upbringing on a farm profoundly shapes her personal and professional life, despite often being teased by her husband for her limited exposure to popular media and television.

    Elena Nolte | LinkedIn

    Emanuela wearing a purple shirt

    Emanuela Cavallari

    Air Freight Healthcare Product Manager | Italy | DB SCHENKER

    Emanuela Cavallari's journey with DB SCHENKER Italy spans over two decades, beginning in 2004 in customer service within the air export department in Milan. Celebrating her 20th anniversary with the company, Emanuela transitioned to sales in 2009, focusing on pharma key accounts, and later took on a dual role that leveraged her expertise in both operations and pharmaceuticals.

    In 2021, she was appointed the inaugural Air Freight Healthcare Product Manager for Cluster Italy, marking a significant step in her career and the creation of a new airfreight pillar in Europe. Known for her patience, precision, and curiosity, Emanuela is passionate about learning, teaching, and helping colleagues grow. Outside of work, she faces personal challenges with enthusiasm, embracing motherhood in 2023 with the birth of her daughter, Elisa. Emanuela treasures traveling, particularly to her maternal homeland of Sardinia, which she affectionately calls the "Italian Caribbean," a place of family holidays and cherished memories. 

    Portrait of Kinjal wearing a red shirt and black jacket

    Kinjal Pande

    CEO | Cluster India and Indian Subcontinent | DB SCHENKER

    Kinjal Pande, as the CEO for DB SCHENKER in India and the Indian Subcontinent, showcases a rich two-decade tenure in logistics, handling diverse roles across commercial, finance, product management, and general management. Her education in Chemistry, along with an MBA and Masters in Economics, underpins her broad functional expertise.

    Kinjal's unique upbringing, moving across various towns due to her father's Army career, instilled in her a profound ability to quickly adapt to new environments, cultures, and languages. This adaptability has been a cornerstone of her career, enabling her to make bold decisions and thrive in dynamic settings. 

    Kinjal Pande | LinkedIn 

    Portrait of Lamees

    Lamees Butt

    Senior Vice President | Ex-Salesforce | SAP.iO Alumni | SaaS | eCommerce | B2B | B2C | Podcast Host and Speaker

    Lamees Butt is a dynamic Senior Vice President at an AI tech SaaS company and the founder of the "In Her Shoes" podcast. With a decade of experience in digital transformation and partnerships at notable companies, her work epitomizes innovation in digital technology for business value.

    Based in London, Lamees's journey from aspiring mermaid to tech leader underlines the power of education and ambition in achieving one's dreams. 

    Lamees Butt | LinkedIn

    Portrait of Lisa at the DJ table

    Lisa Zondi

    Key Account Manager | South Africa | DB SCHENKER

    Lisa Zondi, also known as DJ LZ, a Key Account Manager at DB SCHENKER South Africa, combines ambition and leadership with a passion for continuous learning, holding a qualification from Henley Business School and planning for an MBA. Known for her relationship-building skills and customer-centric approach, Lisa excels in commercial and sales roles, achieving industry recognition.

    Beyond her professional achievements, she co-hosts "Beat the Blues" for her DB SCHENKER collegues, uniting listeners through music and serves on The DB SCHENKER Employment Equity Committee, promoting diversity and inclusion. 

    Lisa Zondi | LinkedIn 

    Portrait of Maria of wearing a pink jacket

    Maria Moreno

    Chief People Officer Latam | People and Organization | DB SCHENKER

    Maria Moreno, the Chief People Officer for Latin America at DB SCHENKER, brings a wealth of experience in people management from startups to multinational settings across Latin America. With a commercial engineering background and a master's in human resources, she focuses on labor relations, strategy, and talent management.

    Born in Peru and raised in Chile, her identity as a migrant woman deeply influences her professional approach. In her free time, Maria enjoys handicrafts, painting, and participating in women's circles for inner growth and meditation. 

    María E. Moreno C. | LinkedIn 

    Portrait of Marina wearing a green blazer

    Marina Diez

    Leadership Development Solutions | Culture and D&I Global People Excellence | DB SCHENKER

    Marina Diez is a seasoned Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategist at DB SCHENKER, with over a decade of experience in human resources with focus on leadership development and D&I. Holding a degree from Florida International University, she's known for her dynamic speaking engagements and has led significant DEI initiatives, including the Ignite Women’s Summit.

    Marina combines her professional endeavors with a love for sports, being an ex-semi-pro tennis player and a pickleball enthusiast, alongside her ambition to explore 40 countries before 40. Her efforts have significantly contributed to fostering inclusive environments and championing female empowerment within and beyond the organization. 

    Marina Diez | LinkedIn

    Portrait of Mary-Anne

    Mary-Anne Oldfield

    Chief Commercial Officer Cluster Sub-Saharan Africa | DB SCHENKER South Africa  

    Mary-Anne Oldfield, as the Chief Commercial Officer for Sub-Saharan Africa at DB SCHENKER South Africa, brings a dynamic blend of passion and expertise to her role. Rejoining DB SCHENKER in 2019 after an initial tenure from 2004 to 2007, she embodies the spirit of resilience and growth. A lifelong South African resident, Mary-Anne finds joy in running and the country's natural beauty.

    Balancing roles as a wife, mother, and professional, she champions the power of choice in shaping life's path. Her enthusiasm for sales spans from grassroots efforts to global deals. Beyond her professional life, Mary-Anne is also a dedicated yoga practitioner and instructor, embodying her belief in maintaining both a healthy body and mind. 

    Mary-Anne Oldfield | LinkedIn 

    Portrait of Megan

    Megan Moore

    Head of Customer Service | Fuel and Special Projects | USA | DB SCHENKER

    Megan Moore, leading Customer Service, Fuel, and Special Projects for US Land at DB SCHENKER, brings 13 years of fuel industry experience. Her achievements include significant fuel savings negotiations and leading a project that enhanced revenue miles and safety, now adopted company-wide.

    Recently, she's focused on reducing carbon emissions, aligning with sustainability goals. Megan thrives on challenges and enjoys early morning hikes to summit mountains at sunrise, showcasing her dedication to both professional excellence and personal pursuits. 

    Megan Moore | LinkedIn

    Portrait of Michael

    Michael Hill II

    Manager, Communications and Marketing | USA Land | DB SCHENKER

    Michael Hill II serves as the Manager of Communications and Marketing for U.S. Land at DB SCHENKER, bringing nearly two decades of experience from diverse roles, including a foundational start with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Transitioning from college athletics to the logistics industry, Hill's graphic design skills have significantly enhanced brand and marketing initiatives. Beyond his professional life, Michael, a Detroit native and Bowling Green State University alum, is a family man, sports enthusiast, and sneaker aficionado, celebrated for his contribution to reviving Florida SouthWestern State College's athletics and his creative mark on sports media and culture. 

    Michael Hill II | LinkedIn 

    Portrait of Paula

    Paula Fyans

    Author | Speaker on Equality and Women in Leadership | Pharmacist | Expert in Medical Communications, Pharma, Life Sciences and Scientific Publications 

    Paula Fyans, with nearly two decades in the Pharma industry and academia, is a seasoned professional in medical strategy, education, and publications. As a mother and career woman, she authored "The Invisible Job," exploring the undervalued yet crucial role of home and parental responsibilities.

    Drawing on her scientific expertise and extensive research, her book and subsequent work address gender imbalance in parenting and household duties. Paula's global experience enriches her advocacy for equality and women in STEM, alongside hosting the 'Illuminating Women' podcast, highlighting efforts towards gender equality and women's achievements across various fields. 

    Paula Fyans | LinkedIn 


    Portrait of Serash

    Sehrash Saghir

    Project Manager Digital Branding Solutions | Global People and Organization | DB SCHENKER

    Sehrash Saghir is a Project Manager for Digital Branding Solutions with a focus on Talent Acquisition, boasting five years of experience in Employer Branding and Talent Marketing. Raised in the intersection of German and Pakistani cultures, Sehrash is passionate about empowering others through the Discover Me: Self-awareness Ignite circle.

    An advocate for crafting impactful digital identities, she will share insights at an upcoming speaker event on the importance of one's online presence. Beyond her professional life, Sehrash enjoys dancing, savoring good food, and cherishing time with family. 

    Sehrash Saghir | LinkedIn 

    Portrait of Stephanie wearing a white shirt and black blazer

    Stephanie Wulf

    Chief People Officer | Member of the Board of Management, DB SCHENKER 

    Stephanie Wolf's career in human resources and organizational development, spanning over two decades, has taken her from the German Federal Foreign Office to Vice President HR at Deutsche Lufthansa AG's Cargo Unit, and later to Chief Human Resources Officer and Managing Director at DER Touristik Group.

    Now, as Chief People Officer at DB SCHENKER since January 2024, she leverages her experience to guide the company through innovation and change. Beyond her career, she serves as an Honorary Judge, enjoys Pilates, and her love for gastronomy turns her into a culinary explorer, and she certainly has some excellent dinner recommendations.  

    Stephanie Wulf | LinkedIn 

    Tinaz Colabewalla

    Regional Head Vertical Market Industrial Energy, Middle East and Africa, DB SCHENKER

    Tinaz Colabewalla, Regional Head of Vertical Market Industrial Energy for Middle East and Africa at DB SCHENKER, has a rich background that spans continents and industries. Originally from Mumbai and now calling Dubai home for over 15 years, Tinaz transitioned from market research to logistics, embracing the challenges and opportunities of a new career path.

    With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, a Diploma in Market Research from the University of Georgia, and IATA-FIATA certification, Tinaz's journey is a testament to the power of an open mind, showcasing a successful career shift that reflects adaptability and a commitment to growth. 

    Tinaz Colabewalla | LinkedIn 

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