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Our Quality Management System (Cargo iQ)

Logistics solutions can’t be developed in a vacuum in today’s global trading environment. Operating as a not-for-profit, Cargo iQ’s global membership is supported by IATA and comprises over more than 80 major airlines, freight forwarders, ground-handling agents, trucking companies, and IT solution providers

Working together, they measure:

  • 10 million airport-to-airport shipments annually
  • 6 million door-to-door shipments every year
  • 110 million total lines annually

  • Every shipment gets a plan, called a “route map”
  • Every route map has milestones or targets that the stakeholders involved have committed to achieve
  • Members receive alerts when milestones fail, enhancing ability to re-plan and/or recover
  • Detailed records are available for process analysis and improvement in the future

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FWB: Air Waybill data complete                    ARR: Consignment arrived
RCS: Consignment received from shipper and ready for carriage     RCF: Consignment received
DEP: Consignment departed    NFD: Consignee notified of arrival of consignment
  DLV: Consignment delivered to consignee

  • Customers can reliably plan for arrival of the shipment at destination
  • Deliver as promised against agreed measurable criteria
  • Customers benefit from pro-active notification
  • Quality reporting as per Cargo IQ quality standard
  • Possibility for a global “live” tracking & tracing tool to monitor statuses of their shipments
  • Corrective actions can be immediately initiated
  • During the flow of the shipment, the system ensures a constant verification plan vs. actual

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Master Operating Plan

Joining forces to develop solutions to solve real-world problems, Cargo iQ members created an air cargo shipment planning and performance monitoring Master Operating Plan (MOP) based on common business processes and milestones definitions. Other Cargo iQ projects include the Air Cargo Intelligence Hub, a self-service reporting platform for members, and the Audit and Certification scheme.
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Delivery as Promised

Today, Cargo iQ members measure their “delivery as promised” performance based on a single, standard methodology across more than 800,000 shipments monthly. Committed to using objective, indisputable performance measures and results, Cargo iQ members’ single, shared version of the truth guarantees the delivery of high-quality air cargo services and products for shippers.

Our Air Freight Products

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Visibility and Condition Monitoring

Formerly known as the DB SCHENKERsmartbox family, connect2track nowadays offers smart visibility solutions through DB Schenker’s own IoT platform.

Visibility and Condition Monitoring View more

Industry-specific Solutions

As one of the leading providers of logistics solutions across the globe, DB Schenker has an immense portfolio of transport and contract logistics solutions that spans multiple industries. As such, we’re experts in identifying the challenges specific to your industry.

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DB Schenker Aerospace plane part

Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace & Defense industry requires innovative supply chain solutions for their unique demands and requirements.

DB Schenker Marine Parts Container Ship

Marine Parts

We find the fastest route for you to any port, from the factory gate directly to your vessel. Our services include order processing, procurement, inventory and project management, bidding and flexible shipping.

DB Schenker Electronic


With multiparty platforms, we improve planning and collaboration within your supply chain to accelerate the flow of materials and finished products.

DB Schenker Short-term warehousing

Short-term warehousing

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High-Speed Delivery of Medical Supplies

DB Schenker COVID-19 Response

Hundreds of thousands of test kits for Asia

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Logistics automation at its best

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Maximum power for green mobility

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DB Schenker Future Warehouse

Creating the warehouse of the future