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Team holding Hands Diversity
Team holding Hands Diversity
Team holding Hands Diversity

Humanitarian Logistics Solutions

Developed, managed, and implemented by DB SCHENKER | aid-relief logistics.

Whilst we wish humanitarian aid would not be needed as much, it is clear that the number of Aid & Relief operations keeps increasing. Whether it’s malaria in Africa or the crisis in Ukraine, humanitarian aid is needed all around the world. We, at DB Schenker, have made it our mission to participate in this focus area by advancing lives and by following our corporate values to help people in need. 

Willing to reinforce its support to humanitarian market, DB Schenker has decided to create a specific department called Aid & Relief Logistics. Its mission is to perform flawless service and guarantee that all goods will be delivered in time and safely.

That’s why, we’ve introduced DB SCHENKER | aid-relief logistics, logistics solutions for the humanitarian market, designed and customized precisely for your requirements.

We’re moving your goods, safely and quickly, to those in need.

Relying on a fully dedicated structure, DB SCHENKER | aid-relief logistics has set up a network of regional control towers staffed with experts in shipping sensitive cargo towards difficult operating countries on behalf of UN, INGOs, Donors, Governments or Humanitarian suppliers. 

From quoting complex multimodal transport solutions up to coordinating the overall operations (and whenever required by deploying our staff on field), those control towers are meant to be a one-stop shop for all kind of requests regardless of transport means. Flexible, skilled, gathered and dedicated, they will always work out the most appropriate solutions to meet your needs.

DB SCHENKER | aid-relief logistics will be your reliable partner relying on 4 pillars:

The Aid & Relief logistics product will handle operations through a network of 4 regional control towers dedicated to humanitarian aid needs (Europe – Americas – APAC – Eastern Africa). Each control tower has a regional expertise with a skilled team regarding cargo movement, customs brokerage, transport capacities, road conditions and overall infrastructure capabilities.

Carrying supplies to difficult operating countries with an unreliable and sometimes unpredictable environment is never easy. As a global freight forwarder, we have the knowledge, the network strength, and the expertise to take care of all transport requests regardless of modes used (land, air, ocean).

In case of emergency or disaster relief, a 24/7 desk (physical set-up) will take the lead and find the best and fastest solution to deliver your goods, by any means necessary (charter, hand carry…), all around the world.

Knowing the best routes, anticipating issues, preparing fallbacks, and mastering regulations is a must-have for us. Jointly, our local branches, our 4 dedicated regional control towers and our approved field partners will offer quality, reliability and responsiveness at every time and at every step of the way.

Our solutions for your commodities:

  • Shelters
  • Emergency kit
  • Medical equipment & pharmaceuticals
  • Food & WASH products
  • Vehicles & spare parts

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