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Metal 3-d printing

Spare Parts On-Demand Production

Enjoy an End-to-End solution for your spare part supply-chain and unlock the full potential of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) ecosystem.

Reduce the pain of critical spare part management

We know managing spare parts is a hassle

  1. Expensive Downtimes:  Discontinued long-tail parts causing customer unsatisfaction and expensive downtimes.
  2. M.O.Q.s: Minimum Order Quantity leading to high stock investments.
  3. Low Stock Rotation: Long tail parts forcing you to tie up your treasury in your warehouses.
  4. Long Lead Times: Your global demand slowed down by the long lead time of your local suppliers.

Combine the advantages of 3D Printing and a Digital Warehouse.

Manufacturing conventional

Manufacturing with 3D printing

Bound to M.O.Q.

  • Batch size: starting from 1 part

Time consuming manufacturing

  • Locally printed with short lead time

Costly management of multiple warehouses

  • Much lower costs with globally accessible digital warehouse

Constant risk of supply chain breach

  • Access to a network of global manufacturing suppliers

Risk of running out of spare parts

  • All your parts. Forever in stock

Physical warehouse

Digital warehouse

High warehouse stocking costs

  • Lower your costly physical inventories

Accessible only at physical location

  • Available anytime, anywhere

Costly management of multiple warehouses

  • Safe & secure Data Management

Constant risk of supply chain breach

  • Linked to a global network of certified on-demand manufacturers

What is best for your company?

First of all, if you want to insource your On-Demand production, you will need to determine which parts are 3D printable.
For that, quite some knowledge and expertise will be required. You will for example probably need to hire an AM expert.

Then, you will need to understand the wide variety of different 3D printing processes and invest in an industrial printer.
There is no one process that is better than the other. Each type of printer has its own specificity and will be suitable for one type of use-case.

Once the choice is validated, the printer installed, the problem will be that you will be locked with a certain type of process and will only be able to print one type of spare part.

As you probably know, there are a multitude of different manufacturing service providers that can meet your needs.
The problem is that often the challenge for the customer is to know which parts to start with.

There is a gap between the customer and the AM ecosystem that can be difficult to bridge.
Moreover, if the customer has global demand, it will be necessary to identify, evaluate and manage a network of partners to be able to print locally.

This can quickly become a headache.

We have a trusted reputation and
We are experts in logistics and warehouse management.
Let us be your entry ticket to the AM ecosystem.
We will take care of everything for you, the one-stop-shop.

1 Analysis of your inventory

2 Digitization of your parts

3 Consulting & Engineering

4 Creation of your Digital Warehouse

5 Production on demand


Being able to produce your critical parts on demand, in high quality and directly where you need it.

Access the On-Demand manufacturing Ecosystem

We offer a free audit where we will analyse your physical stock. Afterwards we provide a solid plan on how to make your flow more.

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Start building your Digital warehouse.

Physical warehousing for critical spare parts is a thing of the past. By scanning, digitising and optimising the parts for additive manufacturing, they become available anywhere, anytime. 

Build your Digital Warehouse

Curious about better managing your critical spare parts?

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Jacques Biette
Product Owner & Sales Manager
@DB Schenker