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DB Schenker supporting companies and governments in the fight against the global pandemic

Special air freight shipments • Healthcare • Pharmaceutical industry • Securing capacity for customers in a challenging environment

Bratislava, March 15, 2021 – DB Schenker’s Global Flight Network has launched additional scheduled charter services in order to provide much needed air freight capacity for an industry severely impacted by the many passenger flights that have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The extended service is designed to offer shippers a fast and reliable air cargo network to and from key markets. It is ideally suited for any industry where reliability and delivery speed are essential to managing supply chains.

The healthcare industry has been significantly affected by COVID-19, and the impact of the pandemic has been profound. Life science companies are struggling to manage and match ever-increasing demand to an unpredictable supply chain. As a global logistics services provider, DB Schenker manages a Global Flight Network spanning nearly all continents and is therefore able to provide efficient transport for healthcare and pharmaceutical industry companies around the globe.

DB Schenker Slovakia – a leading logistics services provider with local competence – designed and implemented complete transport services for the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, including customs services and door-to-door deliveries.

“DB Schenker’s purpose statement is what we are here for. Although this statement has been valid for several years now, we see how it is more relevant than ever because it offers support by ensuring excellent logistics in the current fight against the pandemic. Dynamic decision-making in government, the professional expertise of the entire DB Schenker global network and international airlines, and seamless cooperation between different modes of transport and companies made it possible to deliver some 2,000 CBM of antigen tests to Slovakia from the other side of the globe within a period of several hours – to the right place at the right time for the benefit of end-users throughout the country. We are proud to have served the Slovak Republic with this project.”

Dietmar Schmickl, Managing Director DB Schenker Slovakia.

DB Schenker manages a Global Flight Network spanning nearly all continents. Late departures at key gateways in many markets enable later cut-offs for shipment drop-offs. “A special cargo flight from Seoul, South Korea, to Bratislava using one of the world's largest transport planes (an Antonov 124-100) under strict security provisions took 14 hours, with one stopover in Kazan, Russia. It covered a distance of 9,000 km; the total weight of the cargo was 65 tons. Dozens of professionals from four countries worked on the transport operation on behalf of DB Schenker, with overall coordination ensured by DB Schenker Slovakia. The plane landed at Bratislava Airport M.R. Štefánik on March 9, 2021, at 6:13 p.m. The entire cargo was then transferred to waiting trucks and delivered exactly on time in accordance with customer requirements. In addition to this flight to Bratislava, DB Schenker Slovakia arranged another four flights in the same week via Vienna Airport, for which we used no less interesting aircraft, namely three Boeing 747-400F planes and one Boeing 777-F. Given the complexity of the overall supply chain combined with the extremely short preparation time, the huge volume of transported material, and the harmonization and highly professional coordination of all parties involved, we view such an opportunity as an invaluable experience – and our customer reported that we managed everything without the slightest hesitation or error.”

Benjamín Chladný – Head of Air Freight DB Schenker Slovakia

The number of flights managed and marketed by DB Schenker rose to a record high in 2020. Many of the new connections were initially established to substitute for discontinued passenger flights. This process is continuing in 2021. In addition, medical supply products will remain an important driver of air capacity demand. General air cargo volumes for automotive equipment and consumer goods are increasing even as the capacity shortage continues. With the extended flight portfolio, DB Schenker is also creating additional capacities for potential shipments of COVID-19 vaccines and other pharmaceutical/healthcare goods and various types of equipment.

About DB Schenker

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