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    Managed TMS Services

    Dynamic logistics planning at the touch of a button? Yes! This smart system efficiently manages your day-to-day details – while saving you time and money along the way.

    Driving digitization forward 

    Would you like an intelligent transport management system? One that covers the entire process from order management to transport execution – including monitoring, handling deviations, and financial settlement? Meet the Transport Management System (TMS) that integrates your entire logistics network and ensures efficient transport operations, information management, and communication. 

    With TMS, you can correctly create and submit transport orders, print approved labels and transport documents for various transport products, or consolidate orders. And it offers many more possibilities! You can even integrate the system with your ordering or e-commerce solution to become even more efficient.

    Our TMS services are provided as a fully managed service to minimize deployment and integration efforts while providing operational experts and resources.

    Why use managed TMS services?

    1. 1

      Full visibility and control

      The higher the supply chain visibility, the better the controllability.

    2. 2

      Greater efficiency

      The TMS transport optimization ensures the best possible utilization of vehicle capacities to reduce costs and time – while keeping you on schedule.

    3. 3

      Customer satisfaction

      Digital and automated message exchange, invoices, order imports, or data reconciliation show transparency to your customers and shippers.

    What managed TMS services offer you

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    Unified platform

    Fully delivered as a managed and operated service without needing your own software deployment or establishing your own operating organization.

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    Easy access

    From this platform, information is easily accessible and transferable – to provide supply chain operations with qualitative and reliable data.

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    Smart transport management

    TMS covers the entire process from order management to carrier execution, including monitoring, handling discrepancies, and financial settlement.

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    Invoice control

    Our financial system is linked to our TMS – which enables cost reconciliation and auditing of supplier invoices.

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    Schenker Dedicated Services (SDS) is your global 4PL partner, providing world-class logistics services. SDS operates under the full neutrality principle, with its own systems and organization to ensure fully unbiased operations.

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