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    Aerospace and Defense

    Delivering excellence and safety to take your aerospace and defense logistics to new heights.

    At your side with individual solutions

    Aerospace and defense come with their own set of unique challenges and requirements. Fortunately, you can count on our global team of experts and a comprehensive service portfolio to keep everything running smoothly. 

    Whether you are a worldwide aerospace and defense firm or a local company, our end-to-end integrated solutions are designed to optimize your supply chain from procurement to distribution. They’re just what you need to give all your logistic plans wings.

    Our industry know-how

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    Customized solutions

    We offer dedicated supply chain solutions for the unique demands that aerospace and defense require. Our experts are there for you around the clock and globe to provide you with customized integrated solutions designed to optimize every step of the way, from procurement to distribution. We work with numerous commercial airframe manufacturers, airlines, OEMs, as well as government and defense contractors to ensure your success. 

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    Industry insiders

    We’re a committed and highly capable partner for all your aerospace and defense logistics plans and supply chain needs. Our extensive experience throughout all supply chain stages and deep understanding of these unique and dynamic business sectors ensures your project’s success. Enjoy innovative, cost-effective transport solutions, a 24/7 team of committed aerospace specialists, and competence centers around the world: just the right mix for all your local, national, and international logistics needs. 

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    No matter what your specific transport needs are, you can look forward to a comprehensive service and product portfolio and an extensive global network ready to see your plans to their successful conclusion. Our multimodal transport services offer you maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness for all your shipments, from regular to critical. 

    Global network

    Whether land, air, or ocean, our global network of around 1,850 locations and more than 72,700 employees worldwide is there to offer you the kind of service your aerospace supply chain management needs to operate at peak performance. Enjoy greater flexibility, cost-effective and long-term presence in a wide variety of international business markets.

    One man and two women standing together in a warehouse looking at a laptop screen

    End-to-end solutions

    Our aerospace supply chain management services provide you with the transparency and reliability you need to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and stay competitive. Enjoy state-of-the-art innovation and a team of experts who closely monitor your supply chain at every stage for maximum efficiency. Door-to-door and around the world.

    Our aerospace and defense brochure

    Download our informative brochure and find your optimal solution.

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