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    Complete automotive supply chain solutions for a new world on the move.

    Putting your automotive supply chain plans in high gear

    Next-generation mobility is driving the change in automotive supply chain logistics and management. Recently created markets and market segments demand new products and services. 

    We are an active part of this journey, which is why we created DB SCHENKER automobility+. With it, you can rely on our longstanding experience in automotive supply chain logistics, as well as a committed team of experts and innovators for all the roads ahead. 

    Our industry know-how

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    Agile supply chain management

    DB SCHENKER automobility+ offers agile solutions for effective and adaptable automotive supply chain management. By focusing on new market segments that electrification, connectivity and automization have created, we help our customers meet future industry trends.

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    From start to finish

    We accompany you throughout all stages of your automotive supply chain management. Our global teams of experts, comprehensive service portfolio, and international logistic hubs provide you with the competence, reliability, and cost-effectiveness you need to keep your automotive supply chain management lean, fast and competitive.

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    Industry-specific competence

    Effective battery logistics are crucial for today’s automotive supply chain management. This includes all aspects of the logistics journey – from transport to return, and responsible recycling. As your one-stop solution for the entire automotive battery supply chain, we cover everything from the delivery of finished goods to the sustainable disposal of end-of-life products.

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    Seamless tracking

    We offer complete services for goods requiring special transport solutions with 24/7 tracking and monitoring for all transport modes. Detailed cargo supervision at pre-defined transit points and utilization of special transport equipment ensures maximum product safety and quality. Enjoy just-in-time coordination and delivery around the world.

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    Extensive branch contact

    To ensure your fast and effective logistic supply chain management, we work in close cooperation with major automotive names and OEM parts suppliers. Whether new vehicles, spare parts, or after-market services, you can count on us to get things going.

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