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    When customers click to buy your products, we’re there with comprehensive solutions for your consumer goods supply chain.

    Online purchases with old-fashioned values

    When it comes to handling your e-commerce supply chain, you can rely on a large, international pool of IT specialists and e-commerce experts. Take advantage of our innovative pick-and-pack solutions, enjoy flexible warehousing services, and a full range of additional services for all your logistics needs.

    Our industry know-how

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    E-Commerce services

    Our omnichannel solutions cover all aspects of e-commerce warehousing services, from the receiving of high delivery volumes to orchestrating parcel delivery for small orders. Combine them with our contract and lead logistics programs, and enjoy a full range of additional services for all your logistics needs.

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    E-Commerce supply chain

    Take advantage of our innovative pick-and-pack solutions and automation tools to streamline your e-commerce supply chain for greater efficiency and cost-effective operations. Our extensive service portfolio and a team of consumer logistics and IT experts ensure that your consumer goods supply chain stays adaptive and competitive.

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    Cutting-edge technology

    You can rely on a large, international pool of IT specialists and e-commerce experts to ensure that you always benefit from the latest e-commerce innovations for 24/7 availability and inviting online customer journeys. We continually update our services to provide new technological breakthroughs to keep your consumer logistics supply chain ready for what’s next.

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    Returns management

    Our global transportation network and flexible range of intermodal transport solutions offer you optimal returns management procedures. Whether physical returns or quality checks, repairs, and disposals, you can rely on us to handle all aspects of your returns with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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    Monitoring and tracking

    Our innovative connect2track system offers you seamless, 24/7 tracking of your products worldwide. Based on our own IoT platform, connect2track ensures maximum visibility and condition monitoring with real-time updates, tracking and logging devices, as well as enhanced security measures.

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