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Bratislava, November 2 , 2021

DB Schenker as one of the world's leading logistics providers organized the special air transport of a unique exhibit representing the Slovak Republic at EXPO DUBAI 2020.

Further DB Schenker uses its experience and knowledge of both local and global transport markets to push the boundaries of logistics for the benefit of its partners and customers. In addition to providing conventional transportation services, DB Schenker also applies its know-how for non-standard logistics projects. The transport of the MH2 - a unique, hydrogen-powered super sports car concept - was one such project. The concept car was designed in close cooperation between the academic and private sectors, specifically the Technical University of Košice and the Matador group.

The MH2 super sports car prototype is featured as the main visitor attraction of the Slovak pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

Thanks to its years of experience, DB Schenker is able to manage even the most demanding projects involving the transport of non-standard or oversize shipments. In early October, following more than two months of preparation, the company organized the air transport of the prototype to the world expo.

The transported vehicle is a concept car made of special material requiring very specific conditions during transport. Over the course of the transport, a controlled environment with temperatures between 14 to 28°C had to be maintained. It was also necessary to keep the car out of direct sunlight, and last but not least, the impact of atmospheric humidity had to be eliminated and vibrations minimized over the entire course of the transport.

“Maintaining such specific conditions for a shipment is a demanding task even under normal circumstances. If, however, we need to maintain a constant temperature and prevent humidity from damaging the shipment, while considering the temperatures in late September in Dubai which can reach 50°C with a humidity of up to 100%, we have a very complex logistics undertaking on our hands demanding very precise and complex preparation. The request to minimize vibrations during air transport and the absence of a standard air transport container with a controlled temperature and dimensions allowing us to load the vehicle called for a tailor-made solution," explains Benjamín Chladný, ­ head of air transport at DB Schenker Slovensko.

Benjamín Chladný – Head Of Air Freight

With respect to the numerous technical specifics of the transported vehicle and material, the temperature, humidity, and clearance requirements, the value of the prototype, and the maneuvering capabilities of the vehicle itself, we had to design solutions taking all of this into account and allowing for the safe handling of the vehicle in the preparatory stage and during transport. Thanks to our designs and our custom-made special tools, we were able to handle the vehicle in a safe manner. The transport specifics, however, not only involved resolving the issues related to material handling equipment and ensuring safe handling. To ensure the safe transport of the shipment, we had to design the transport crate and a specific way of anchoring it in the transport container. In the final stages of transport preparations, the vehicle was secured in a custom-made crate in a hermetically sealed transport container.

All in all, this transport involved over two months of intense preparation and the work of tens of logistics, transport, and technical specialists from Slovakia, the United Arab Emirates, Austria, and Luxembourg. More than 15 companies supplied the services and materials required for the transport. To ensure perfect control over the transport, the shipment was accompanied to Dubai by four development team technical experts and three technical experts from the company supplying the transport packaging. Following the arrival, this group, together with colleagues from the Dubai branch of DB SCHENKER, assisted in unloading, transporting, and handling the shipment en route to its destination at the exhibition.

The door-to-door transport itself took roughly 110 hours.

Thanks to the highly professional and innovative approach of the company we managed to deliver this rare exhibit to the Slovak pavilion at EXPO DUBAI 2020 safely and on time.

This type of transport job clearly shows the expertise and competence of DB SCHENKER when it comes to logistics and customer supply chain sustainability.

Basic facts regarding the transport of the super sports car prototype:

  • 2 months of preparation
  • 4 international DB Schenker teams (Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Luxembourg)
  • more than 15 external companies involved
  • 110 hours or door-to-door transport
  • numerous meetings and hundreds of e-mails exchanged

Super sport car MH1 powered by hydrogenic engine (© Matador group)

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