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Our organization and history


Schenker Consulting AB is an independent company within the DB Schenker Group. The  company is characterized by rapid mobility, short decision paths and great personal responsibility. We therefore place great importance to recruiting employees with high competence, strong drive and a humble attitude. 

We work independently from DB Schenker and have the freedom to propose solutions that are not linked to our parent group. Our connection to one of the world's largest logistics companies gives us the opportunity to utilize the entire DB Schenker organization's competence and experience in various projects when needed. We also have access to unique tools, for example for simulation of transport and storage costs and environmental impact. Another great advantage is our ability to verify the realization of the logistics solutions we propose, in order to reduce the risk that projects result in a theoretical product. We also have extensive experience of working with different types of assignments for companies in a variety of industries. 

Schenker Consulting AB today has offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm. We are currently about 20 employees. 

Company history

Schenker Consulting AB was incorporated in June 2000. Our history, however, goes further behind when the company was previously a department within Schenker-BTL AB, named BTL Consulting, which since 1997 consisted of selected logistics experts within the automotive forwarding, Scansped and BTL Group. 

The reasons why DB Schenker Consulting was formed were to: 

  • Gather specialist expertise to a unit to facilitate the exchange of skills and experience 
  • Attract and retain well-trained staff 
  • Sell ​​expertise both internally within DB Schenker and externally 

Schenker Consulting AB belongs to the DB Schenker Group and cluster organization for the Nordic region. The head office of the region is located in Gothenburg.