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4PL - 4th Party Logistics provider

We solve your overall logistics needs and start with the designing and engineering of your customised logistics solution. A Control Tower is set up, which makes it possible for us to manage, operate and monitor your ongoing logistics needs. We purchase all transports and logistics services on the open market. Using our vast network, experience and expertise we work to lower your costs, to speed up your operation and to increase your overall sustainability and efficiency.

This means that we, as 4PL, contract all carriers and take responsibility for capacity, service and quality.

  • We guarantee capacity; the Control Tower daily manages the transport bookings and finding capacity
  • We guarantee service performance; the Control Tower daily secures that the service is maintained
  • We guarantee the rate; no surprise of carriers calling for new rates

The expression 4PL was introduced in 1996 by Accenture and this definition is well established in the European transport industry today. The business model for 4PL is tariff based, there are no additional charges.