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DB Schenker Lead Logistics Container Crane

Lead Logistics

Lead Logistics  - integrated solutions for your Supply Chain

Being an experienced Lead Logistics provider and by using state of the art optimising tools, our professional Supply Chain engineers will bring you customised and competitive transport and logistics solutions for your complete Supply Chain.

From managing your freight to designing the complete Supply Chain
Depending on your needs, we could manage your existing logistics set-up to increase speed and lower costs or we go all the way and apply our independent overall perspective to design, engineer and operate your complete Supply Chain.

Cost reduction
Cost reduction can be achieved in several ways:

  • Transport procurement, as 4PL we can through our vast carrier base achieve low costs.
  • Supply Chain engineering, with our skilled expertise and sophisticated optimising tools, we can improve your Supply Chain and lower your costs.
  • Efficient management, with our centralized Control Tower, we can operate your transports and logistics more efficient and achieve administrational savings.