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Our suppliers

Independent Transport Procurement - suppliers

As our supplier we expect this from you:

  1. Commitment to rates, agreed capacity and service levels
  2. Acceptance of our general conditions which are;
  • Availability of valid CMR insurance*
  • Availability of applicable permit for transport or logistic activity*
  • Availability of transport permits, vehicles, drivers and custom documents (TIR) necessary to perform the freight assignment
  • Every vehicle and/or equipment fleet shall have a satisfactory technical condition in compliance with all rules and regulations valid on the market
  • All vehicles shall carry a communication device (minimum requirement is cell phone)
  • Cargo secured according to national and/or international regulations applicable to the transport in question, as well in case of ferry route involved, according to regulations
  • No use of alcohol or drugs on duty
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement of quality and environmental performance of its own operation

* If applicable