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Supply Chain Engineering

Transport sourcing

We have the advantage of being part of the worldwide Schenker group but as we are an independent 4PL operator dedicated to you, our skilled logistics experts source freely on the market for the most suitable supplier on each occasion. With access to hundreds of transport providers we can achieve very competitive transport solutions.

We are more of a knowledge-based company than a traditional logistics company. Our main areas, logistics development and IT, are areas where we are competitive, offering excellent value for our customers.
We have the expertise to market, develop and implement all our system solutions. Often the same persons take part during the whole process from engineering and offering to implementing the customer set-up. Operationally each customer has his own operating unit with dedicated personnel forming a Control Tower.

IT systems
Our system integrates all activities throughout the Supply Chain. It takes care of all transactions, conversions and communication between customers and suppliers. The system also handles all events, such as bookings, transport events, tracking, invoicing and KPIs. By having just one communication partner, the system minimises administration for all concerned. However, if the set-up of the customer so requires, we use other systems, such as IPAL, TUF, Navision.