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SDS Control Tower® Services

SDS Control Tower® offers the following services:

Development of network optimisation
Engineering new logistical solutions
Evaluating different transport models
Reengineering common processes

Procurement of transports
Actively seeking alternative carriers
Actively contributing to process efficiency
Actively contributing to improved environment and quality
Assessing and evaluating service providers

Planning lead times and organising the transports
Coordinating departure and arrival times
Coordinating the effects of driving bans etc
Load planning

Process monitoring
Transport bookings
Transport execution
EDI communication
Warehouse operation

Responsibility for transport services
Ensuring that each transport is carried out on time according to agreement
Liability in case of damage and loss (4PL)

Responsibility for capacity
Capacity guarantee at agreed rate (4PL)

Handling of deviations, logging and follow-up

Invoice audit and payments
Checking, booking and paying carrier invoices (Freight Management)
Consolidated invoicing according to your needs

Deviation management
Filling capacity deficits (Freight Management)
Alternative routings if there are disturbances
Informing the parties concerned on deviations