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DB Schenker has introduced a new eProcurement solution based on SAP Ariba covering all indirect spend.
This changes the way to collaborate with our suppliers from paper to electronic processes.
All purchase orders are being routed through SAP Ariba Network to our suppliers and we expect our suppliers to register and to send electronic invoices, credit notes, order confirmation or ship notices via Ariba Network.
Please find below important and useful  information on collaborating electronically with DB Schenker via SAP Ariba Network.

  • What is the SAP Ariba Network?

Ariba Network is a hosted service that connects suppliers to buying organizations, allowing them to conduct transactions over the internet.

Find more information here.

  • Do I have to pay to use Ariba?

As an Ariba Network supplier, you have choices in Ariba Network accounts. The right one for you is based on your business model and how you think you can best achieve your e-commerce and sales goals.

Find more information here.

  • What are the benefits of using the Ariba Network?

Registering on Ariba Network provides suppliers with access to a network of high-volume buying organizations that can download the supplier’s product and service catalogs and decide which products to purchase.

Suppliers and buyers can use Ariba Network no matter what they sell or buy.

Find more information here.

  • How do I register a new account?

Your company may register an account on the SAP Ariba Network  by clicking Register Now. You will then be taken through the 3 step registration process.

  • What are some registration tips for Ariba Network Suppliers?

Proactively managing your company's Ariba Network presence can enhance your experience, prevent missed orders, and save money.

The best practice is one supplier Ariba Network Identification Number (ANID) for all buyers, have as few ANID's as possible across the Ariba Network.

Find more information here.

  • How do I participate in my buyer's event using an email invitation?

In order to participate in an SAP Ariba Sourcing event, you must first register an account and connect it with your customer’s Sourcing site.

Before initiating this process, it is strongly recommended that you confirm whether or not your company has an existing Ariba Network account identified by an Ariba Network ID (ANID) number. If so, please request to be added as a user to this account with the Proposals & Contracts Access permission before proceeding.

Find more information here.

  • Can my company have multiple accounts?

Your company can have multiple Ariba accounts, depending on your business needs. For example, if your company has several locations around the world, you might want a separate account for each region.

Most companies choose to have one account with multiple customer relationships, which provides a centralized location to maintain their company profile information and all of their customer relationships.

Find more information here.

  • My log in does not work. What can I do?

If you do not know your password or username then click Having trouble logging in? to begin the reset process.

Otherwise there are several reasons why you may not be able to log into your Ariba Network account.

Find more information here.

  • Error: "The username and password entered has already merged to another Ariba Sourcing user account".

You are receiving this error because the username and password you are attempting to use is connected to an existing user in the buyer's Sourcing site, and a duplicate user has been created and invited to this new sourcing event.

To resolve this issue click here.

  • How do I merge a new invitation account with an existing account?

Some customers send their suppliers email invitations with a link to register an account on the Ariba Network, known as QuickEnablement. If you have an existing account with another customer, you can choose to merge these two accounts so that you can manage all your customer relationships in one account.

Find instructions here on how to merge an account.

  • How do I accept a customer's trading relationship request / invitation?

A trading relationship invitation begins with an email sent by a buyer and directed to either the ANID number of an existing account or a link to set up a new account. This email is an invitation to connect with a buyer enabling you to start receiving orders and / or submitting invoices on the Ariba Network. Only the account administrator can click to use an existing account when establishing a trading relationship.

Find more information here.

  • Where do I find more information or training material like videos, handbooks, guides on how to use the system?

You can find all of this on the SAP Ariba Supplier Support website.

For all other questions please visit the SAP Ariba Supplier Support website.