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バーアラス • 最大級のガス蒸気コンバインドサイクル発電所の輸送ハブ拠点となった小さな漁港への沿岸船輸送

巨大注文の最終段階:9月までに、DBシェンカーは、世界最大級のガス火力発電所を建設中のSiemens AGのために、合計100,000トン、400,000立方メートルもの貨物をエジプトに輸送することになります。バーアラスは、3か所あるシーメンス発電所のうちの1つです天然ガスを動力とし、各プラントには4.8ギガワットの発電能力があり、これはSiemensのガスタービン8基と蒸気タービン4基で発電を行います。この技術は、高い効率性を理由に選ばれました。







Some facts about the biggest project in Schenker Deutschland's history
  • One single gas turbine weighs 482 tons. This roughly equals the weight of 100 elephants or 32 city buses.
  • DB Schenker is transporting eight turbines of this size and a further 240 components weighing more than 50 tons apiece to the Nile delta in Egypt.
  • A small fishing port 16 kilometers east of the construction site was completely reconstructed within five months in order to enable handling of the heavy-lift pieces: The approach channel and basin were dredged to a depth of 5.5 m, the breakwater was extended by 150 meters, 1,500 meters of access road were built, 6,000 square meters of storage area were constructed, and a 125 meter pier was reinforced for heavy loads.
  • DB Schenker collects the gigantic components produced at plants around the world: Gas turbines from Berlin, generators from Mülheim in Germany and Charlotte in the US state of North Carolina. Transformers come from Weiz in Austria and Zagreb in Croatia. Condensers and parts for the steam turbines come from Banten in Indonesia, while 192 modules for the eight boilers are produced in Ulsan in South Korea.
  • 316,000 cubic meters of other power station components are being delivered by sea or air.
  • The construction of the power stations in Egypt also represents a record for Siemens. The company signed the contract with Cairo in June 2015 for the construction of three gas and steam turbine combined power stations, plus twelve wind parks with a total of 600 turbines. Once they are operating at full capacity, they will increase Egypt's power generation by 50 per cent. In terms of output, each of the combined cycle power plants is the biggest in its class in the world.
Download: Fact sheet Burullus