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    Finance and Controlling

    In Numbers We Trust

    Without our finance department, we would be like a ship without a helm: directionless. This team is all about keeping finances in check - preparing strategic reports, performing reconciliations, and handing account payable functions. Why? Because we know that accurate financial controlling can make a great impact on our business.

    We also know digital tools make reporting and collaborations more transparent. That's why we integrate the latest software and innovation to automate and help us make reporting processes smoother for the whole company.

    Do you like to consult and advise other teams? Are you a team player ready to ensure everyone stays accountable and transparent? This is the right opportunity for you!

    This is where we work together as a team and take control of what gives our company the power it needs – our finances.

    Are you ready to do this?

    When you choose to work with us, you become part of a global logistics network that connects the world as we know it. 

    You get to handle and work with our teams and come up with innovative solutions that make finances strategic and transparent.

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    With us, you not only get to handle the numbers, but you also have a chance to grow and evolve professionally. If you like facts and figures, then this is the right opportunity for you. With us, you get to:

    • Test your rational side and established processes
    • Work with a diverse team around the world
    • Promote transparency and ensure accuracy
    • Build a portfolio that makes a difference in your career
    • Live your passion

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