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    Marcia, DB Schenker Americas IT Systems Analyst

    Women @ IT&D: Meet Marcia from Brazil – her motto in life is not to judge people

    In this edition of our Women @ IT&D series, we present Marcia. Marcia is DB Schenker Americas IT Systems analyst based in Brazil. She handles DB Schenker's customs clearance area in Brazil (about three hundred users). She strongly believes that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and what is right for one person might not be right for someone else.

    Her main tasks include helping to analyze projects and demands, define them, and test and support local systems. Marcia meets directly with customers in the IT area, serving as the liaison between them and regional and global teams.

    Portrait of Marcia

    “Don’t judge people”

    Marcia / DB Schenker Americas IT Systems Analyst

    Portrait of Marcia sitting in a restaurant
    © DB Schenker

    What fascinates you most about your work in IT&D in logistics?
    Understanding the needs of customers and users and knowing that I, as an IT analyst, can help them in some way. It’s also really interesting to see how much everyone relies on logistics. Many of the things we own, use, or eat have passed through the supply chain. The products we deliver might even save lives, bring people together, make people happy, or generate wealth. And I get to be a part of it.

    What is your professional background and what has your career journey been like?
    I attended a polytechnic college and completed a postgraduate degree in Business Administration as well as an MBA in IT Management. I have always worked in IT: I've been a programmer, analyst, and project manager and have been responsible for several systems and projects in cities across Brazil, Latin America, and the USA.

    What was your biggest professional challenge and how did you overcome it?
    It was in a security project. The project had an expected budget of one million dollars and needed to be implemented in eight months. That’s because they were going to be audited by the Brazilian government, which could close the port if it found any deficiencies. The challenge was huge because suppliers wouldn’t accept managing the project on such a short deadline and I was responsible for the access control system. I had just returned from maternity leave and was asked to manage the project. I had to travel a lot and only came home on weekends. I asked for help and delegated tasks to all areas and branches involved. With a lot of dedication, help from my family, and a lot of organization and teamwork, the project was a success. We finished it on time and on budget and all branches were successful in the audits.

    What aspect of your current job has surprised you the most or been the most unexpected?
    The way the IT team in Brazil is very united and always helps each other. Also, when I need to talk to other IT teams from anywhere outside Brazil, everyone treats me well, tries to understand the problem, and help me even though I do not speak English fluently.

    Why would you encourage women to take on a career in IT&D in logistics?
    I see that DB Schenker is serious about ending discrimination and encouraging diversity within the company. There are so many innovations in IT being disseminated in many different ways. It is exciting to be able to participate, learn about innovative technologies, and watch the projects being developed.

    Thank you, Marcia for being such an inspiration to all of us. It was a pleasure meeting you. 

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