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    Powerful Women

    Inspiring women of DB SCHENKER contribute to our diversity of thought

    With a diverse workforce and a high representation of female executives and employees, DB Schenker promotes a culture of inclusion and belonging for all to develop and grow in. 

    “Having a diverse workforce is not enough. Creating an inclusive environment for our diverse workforce to thrive in, is the key to unlock greater creativity, innovation, and groundbreaking solutions for our customers. An integral part of building such an inclusive culture is showcasing our talented employees and their personal stories and celebrating both our similarities and our differences.” says Leandri Meyer, Program Manager Diversity and Inclusion. 

    Without a doubt, women have come a long way in taking up their rightful place in society as strong, independent and successful entrepreneurs, logistic experts, scientists, engineers, innovators and leaders… though this has not come without its challenges. With our #BeUnique campaign, DB Schenker empowers their powerful women to tap into their individual strengths and to leverage their uniqueness in achieving greater impact. We are proud of our people who best represent our diversity of thought. We invite you to read some of their inspiring stories:

    Women @ IT&D: Meet Raji, whose motto is to pour enthusiasm and energy into every movement in life. 

    In this edition, Women @ IT&D lifts its curtains one final time. Last but not least, we are honored to introduce you to Raji from Singapore, our Regional Head of APAC IT&D Contract Logistics. 

    Portrait of Raji wearing a blue scarf

    “As Head of APAC IT&D Contract Logistics team, I am responsible for ensuring all IT systems required to run our distribution centers in APAC countries remain available. My team manages critical business systems, including our warehouse management system. We also drive various digitalization initiatives including warehouse automation, introduction of AI and many more.“

    Portrait of Raji wearing sports attire

    Her motto in life: "Pour enthusiasm and energy into every moment in life!"

    Raji / Regional Head of APAC IT&D Contract Logistics

    • I am excited about the future of warehousing as it will be a harmony of humans and machines. This opens up a plethora of exciting opportunities from a digitalization perspective.

    • I am passionate about achieving excellence in IT service delivery. I have been able to pursue this domain in our company and prior to that in various organizations related to the government of Singapore, manufacturing, and finance. DB Schenker has been my professional home for almost 12 years now, based out of Singapore. During that time, I have been given many opportunities to take up different roles growing both horizontally and vertically. The turning point in my career was when I took the role as implementation manager for Air & Ocean products. It gave me much needed insight into how IT&D can enable our operations and customers. I returned to IT enlightened and I am currently enjoying taking the IT department in APAC forward. 

    • My professional journey in Singapore started after a break of six years to take to care of my first child. The relocation to Singapore from India was a challenging time. Getting back into the industry in a new geographical location after a break was not easy. It took upskilling and knocking on a lot of doors before I started working. Looking back, this journey was well worth the effort. 

    • The passion and commitment of my team and their can-do attitude, no matter what the challenge is. To share an example: When we lost some very key resources in 2022, the team stepped up to ensure it did not impact to our operations. They truly embodied the words "Tough times never last but tough teams do.” 

    • Women are awesome problem solvers, and starting with my mom I have seen many of us who are able to come up with innovative solutions. A career in IT&D in logistics is highly rewarding due to the opportunities it gives you to make a difference in our business with innovative IT&D solutions.

    Meet more of our powerful women

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