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Catherine, Vice President Contract Logistics

Catherine, the woman behind many of our top Contract Logistics clients in Singapore, shares with us some of her exclusive career tips.

People won’t search for your achievements; you have to articulate them.

Portrait of Catherine

Catherine's career advice

Speak up!

As a woman you should never hesitate to put yourself out there. Men tend to ask for a promotion when they are 80% ready, women usually wait until they are 120% ready. There is absolutely nothing stopping us from asking for a promotion before we feel completely ready. When you want a certain position, say it! Always be transparent and open about your career aspirations and interests.

Be visible!

Showcase what you have done. Work isn’t just about doing a great job. It’s about presenting what you have done and making yourself visible. “People won’t search for your achievements; you have to articulate them. Take the time to write down your elevator pitch. This will ensure that you are never caught off guard, but instead prepared to utilize your one minute and really sell yourself once the opportunity arises – AND IT WILL.”

Ask for feedback

Don’t shy away from asking for feedback – especially if you were not awarded the position you wanted – ask why! This might show you some of your developmental areas that still need a bit of work. Most importantly, no one is 100% fit for the job on day one. Be willing to learn and to remain focused.

Network. Network. Network.

Women spend a lot of time doing their jobs well and too little time on building their networks. Dedicate time to join conferences, seminars, coffee corners, lunch dates and golf sessions. Remember most jobs are given away before they are published on the job market. “Networking isn’t only about getting to know people, but it’s a great way to seek different opinions, consult in others and learn from others’ mistakes and successes.”

Mobility is key

Mobility is important in advancing your career and involves pragmatic discussions with your partner and family – make yourself available for international assignments to grow your expertise and experience. “I relocated many times in my career. The knowledge and expertise I have gained from these foreign assignments have brought me where I am today.” And as a mother of two, time management and keeping the balance between work and family has always been my top priority.