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Johanny, Senior Director of Operational and Commercial Excellence

Get more insights from Johanny from region Americas. She is the Senior Director of Operational and Commercial Excellence in Florida. Her responsibilities are to drive and lead the end-to-end operational transformation to improve the performance of contract logistics sites across the region through performance management, continuous improvement, and efficiency initiatives.

My motto in life: To improve the spaces that I come into, make them better than how I found them.

Portrait of Johanny

Johanny our powerful Women@Contract Logistics

What makes my work in Contract Logistics special?
The impact on people's livelihood. What we do in CL for our customers ultimately is driven by the thousands of associates across the organization that pushes forward daily to get the job done. It is our responsibility to make their lives better, and consequently, we drive success.

What are your areas of interest/ hobbies?
Music, political science, travel

Please share your personal goals with us
My goal is to continuously rise to the top. To drive visibility, diversity, and why not – to be the first female, non-German, LGBTQ+ board member of DB Schenker.

What are your strengths?
My ability to see the bigger picture and connect the solutions to the problems. I can identify people’s talent to help them succeed and help the organization succeed, and I am very empathetic, adaptable, personable, and outspoken.

What is your advice to other women who are planning their careers in CL?
Jump at the opportunities that come your way, be assertive, don’t shy away from the spaces where the decisions are made!