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Portrait of April wearing a black shirt and red blazer

April, Freight Audit & Billing Manager in Dallas, Region Americas.

Today we lift the curtain in our series, Women@LandTransport, for April, Freight Audit and Billing Manager in Dallas, USA. She oversees the billing tasks for the US Land Transportation team. With her team, she also takes care of tracking and tracing shipments, invoicing internal and external customers, paying carrier invoices, and answering customer inquiries. Further, they are involved with customer setup, credit setup, and collections.  

Since becoming the Freight Audit and Billing Manager, she implemented a new Transport Management System called Blue Yonder. This unique experience encouraged her to learn and master the billing task in the new system, a challenge she managed successfully.

My motto for life: Knowledge is power!

Portrait of April wearing a black shirt and red blazer

April our powerful women@Land

What makes your work within Land Transport special?
My main job is focused on freight audit and billing, but I am also involved in all aspects of the Land Transportation department, from setting up the initial customer account, moving freight, customer service, and broker support.  I am proud that I am capable to support my team in just about every step of a shipment.

What are your areas of interest/ hobbies?
In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family relaxing by the poolside. I am a foodie and brunch expert!!

Please share your personal goals with us:
My goal is to see this team become more efficient in our processes from start to finish. We have made great strides under difficult circumstances in the last two years. We have plenty of room to improve, but with focus and determination, I can see us becoming the first choice for land transportation for the branches and external customers.

April standing in front of a red and white wall in a white shirt and blue jeans

What are your strengths?
My biggest strength is my ability to listen to others and empower others to help themselves. I am willing and able to step in and help wherever and whenever needed, regardless of the task.

If you could say only one thing to other women who are planning to take on a career in logistics or are already in logistics, what would it be?
Logistics can be messy and chaotic.  As women we have unique strengths and perspectives that are in demand in this ever changing, fast-paced environment.