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Gurpreet standing in front of a canal

Gurpreet, Team Lead in Software Development in our TSC in New Delhi, India

Women@IT&D is a series about our female colleagues at IT & Digitalization around the world. Today we would like to introduce Gurpreet. Her typical working day starts with understanding the user/partner requirements. This helps her to define the business objectives contributing to any or all stages of software development. Then Gurpreet switches to some designing, implementing, and maintaining Java based applications. This includes defining application objectives and functionality, and writing well designed and testable code supporting CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery), and investigating alternatives and new technologies.

Fall seven times, get up eight!

Portrait of Gurpreet wearing an orange shirt

Gurpreet our powerful women@IT&D

1. What fascinates you most about your work in IT&D in logistics? 
Working in IT&D logistics is a never-ending learning process. My work in this domain has given me immense opportunity to learn about different technologies that keeps me updated on the latest IT practices. I derive a great sense of satisfaction by implementing a difficult logical task. 

2. What is your professional background and your career journey been like? 
I was a Biology student back in school, however I switched to Computers right before college. When I learned the C language, I was completely hooked. Later, I pursued my Master’s degree in Computer Applications. I have around 11 years of professional experience in the IT domain and started as an operations engineer, gradually shifted to development because of my passion to code.

Gurpreet standing in front of a canal

3. What was your biggest professional challenge and how did you overcome it?
I joined DB Schenker after a yearlong sabbatical from my previous job. It was challenging for me to start again. But with the kind of support of my leaders and peers that I got in the organization, I was able to find my zeal to learn and I eventually overcame that challenge. It’s been a five year journey with Schenker where every day is an opportunity to push my limits and learn something new.

4. What aspect of your current job has surprised you the most or been the most unexpected? 
The best and the most surprising part of my job is the collaboration with seniors and colleagues. When I started out, I believed that it will be a one-person task. But I got a great support and trust from my leaders and the ease in approach has been phenomenal. It is very encouraging and instills great confidence in myself. 

5. Why would you encourage women to take on a career in IT&D in logistics?
IT&D in logistics has given me a great platform to blossom and bring forward the best of my abilities. It gave me an opportunity to solve real-life problems and provide the best solutions in this industry. I would encourage women to take up a job in this domain to bring their expertise in this field. Together we will create a powerful community and support this organization and the industry at large.

Thank you, Gurpreet, for your time and for taking us with you on your journey at DB Schenker. It is very inspiring.