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Riana, Director Automation & Engineering, Singapore, Region APAC

Our eighth outstanding woman in our series, Women@CL, is Riana, Director Automation & Engineering, Singapore, Region APAC. She is responsible for adopting logistics automation technologies and innovations into aspects of warehousing operations in the region APAC. This region consists of vastly different and unique countries, so keep in mind that this poses increased complexity in her support. 
In getting to know her, she took the time to answer all our questions – you can find her answers below: 


There’s always room for improvement.

Portrait of DB Schenker Employee Riana

Riana our powerful Women@Contract Logistics

What makes your work in Contract Logistics special? 
We are always looking for a better way to do things through engineering and automation/innovation. Engineered solutions are based and derived from numbers, and numbers are neutral and tell the truth. 

Portrait of Riana

What are your areas of interest/hobbies? 

Running – I am a recent 6 star World Major Marathon finisher – starting in 2013, I ran the 6 (Chicago, Berlin, New York, Tokyo, London, and lastly Boston)

Please share your personal goals with us   

To raise my children into kind and productive members of society, run a Boston Qualifying time, all while having a fulfilling and growing career 

What are your strengths?  

I am reliable, persistent, and consistent.

What is your advice to other women planning their careers in CL?  

“It is possible to have it all, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”

Very inspiring insights from Riana - thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Fantastic how you support our “Leading the Way Challenge” with all your running – Riana has collected 435 kilometers already. We are soon ending with our series – one more woman to come.