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Portrait of Melanie at a marathon.

Melanie, Senior Clerk Debtors from Johannesburg, South Africa within Region MEA

Our series, “Women@Land”, showcases strong women working in Land Transport. Today we introduce Melanie, Senior Clerk Debtors from Johannesburg, South Africa within Region MEA. Melanie is responsible for compiling all customer rate cards, loading customers onto the system, assisting with quotes and queries, as well as invoicing and payments. Finally, reporting also forms part of her responsibilities: monthly to the leadership team and weekly to our customers. 


“Try your best, every day!”

Portrait of Melanie outdoors.

Melanie our powerful women@Land

What makes my work within Land Transport special?
Land Transport is a new product in South Africa. This has given me the ability to grow my skill level in so many ways by being more interactive with our customers, as well as our team that might be small now in the beginning but looking forward to the growth in it. Being with DB Schenker from an invoicing clerk to a senior clerk debtor to more of a multifunction administrator in 2022 has broadened my opportunities in this product. 

What are your areas of interest/ hobbies? 
Fishing, sports, outdoors, and family time is what I always look forward to.

Please share your personal goals with us. 
My goal is to grow into a manager’s position within a few years with the support and training offered throughout the learning programs in DB Schenker and the opportunities available within our company.

Melanie with glasses in front of a blue wall

What are your strengths? 
My key strengths are commitment, dedication, reliability, loyalty, honesty, and being hard working. Further, I am a team player and supportive in each possible way.

If you could say only one thing to other women who are planning to take on a career in logistics or are already in logistics, what would it be? 
Always do your best, and if you ever feel like your best is never good enough, look around you and see what you have achieved. Always try to challenge yourself to be better than the day before. One last word of advice that I can offer if you want to go for it do so, the opportunities are endless.

Thank you, Melanie, for sharing your thoughts, insights with us, and especially your encouragement of other women.