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Annemiek, Regional Implementation Manager in Den Haag, Netherlands, Region Europe

Our seventh inspirational woman in our series, Women@CL, is Annemiek, Regional Implementation Manager in Den Haag, Netherlands, Region Europe. She is responsible for supporting customer implementations within Europe. This includes CLDM (Contract Logistics Delivery Method) governance, mentoring, guiding, soft and hard escalation, and supporting broader initiatives and involvement in bids. Her focus is predominantly on the support of CLDM within the implementing community.
In getting to know her, she took the time to answer all our questions – you can find her answers below: 

Live each day as if it was your last!

Black and White Portrait of DB Schenker Employee Annemiek

Annemiek our powerful Women@Contract Logistics

What makes your work in Contract Logistics special? 
It is a dynamic, diverse, and internationally orientated working environment. Every day I work with different people and each hour can be unlike the previous one.

What are your areas of interest/hobbies? 
Body combat, body pump, kitesurfing, golf, pilates, traveling, and meeting people from other cultures. 

Please share your personal goals with us   
Practice patience and contribute more to the environment (reduce single-use plastic, food waste, use reef-safe sunscreen).

Portrait of Annemiek smiling

What are your strengths?  
I am results-oriented and have a sense of responsibility and intuition. I offer a deep knowledge of operations and implementations and the ability to identify potential problems and present them in a manner that drives corrective action.

What is your advice to other women planning their careers in CL?  
That will be the same as for any career - Be yourself and pursue your ambitions!
Very inspiring insights from Annemiek - thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. There is more to come, so stay tuned!