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Tracy, National Sales Manager, DB Schenker South Africa, MEA.

Would you mind traveling to the heat in Africa? Today we take you straight to South Africa to meet Tracy, our next lady in our series Women@CL. She is the National Sales Manager responsible for achieving all new business targets across all products (Contract Logistics, Distribution and Land Transport). Tracy manages the projects Keep and Amplify and Select, she is in charge of all contract renewals and terminations, and she acts as project lead on implementation and tender management. This is several very different responsibilities that she needs to combine into one role, whereby her motto in life fits perfectly with her attitude and job role. Learn more about Tracy, who took the time to answer all our questions:

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!

Portrait of Tracy

Tracy our powerful Women@Contract Logistics

What makes your work in Contract Logistics special? 
In South Africa, the CL & D and Land environment are very much driven by men. What makes my work special is that as a woman, I bring the technical, analytical, and sales approach as well, which aids in growing our footprint as DB Schenker South Africa.

What are your areas of interest/hobbies? 
Outdoors, music, and family time. Interests furthering my academic knowledge.  

Portrait of Tracy

Please share your personal goals with us   
I am completing my MBA by 2026 moving into a director role within DB Schenker Global by 2024.

What are your strengths?  
Focused, committed, relentless productivity driver, competitive, honest, and fair.

What is your advice to other women planning their careers in CL?  
It would be my motto: if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.  Challenge yourself and always be better than what you were yesterday. 
Very inspiring insights from Tracy - thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. There are more women to come, so stay tuned!