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Suki, Senior Manager for Solution Design in RHO Singapore, APAC

Time to meet Suki, our Senior Manager for Solution Design in RHO Singapore, APAC. Within her role she has a lot of responsibilities, such as coaching and developing solution design resources in the countries. Further, she identifies and advises on industry-specific trends of targeted verticals based on the detailed understanding of operational characteristics. Suki also leads and works with internal stakeholders to customize and develop innovative warehouse solutions. Over and above, she additionally supports the sales teams in new business wins by advising the most competitive selling rate and participates in financial and/or contract negotiations.

No matter if it’s a good or bad experience, it will always be a GOOD LESSON to me.

Portrait of Suki

Suki our powerful Women@Contract Logistics

What makes my work in Contract Logistics special?

It is not only a job or work to me, but my interest too! I love to work in the Contract Logistics field with an open-minded approach to improve processes, uplift and unlock the values, and deliver the excellence we desire for projects. I treat my work and my working environment as a “Playground” where I remain passionate and motivated to drive forward.

What are your areas of interest/ hobbies?

  • Knowledge gaining: I enjoy learning, and I am keen to absorb knowledge from time to time
  • Sports: Hiking and running
  • Others: Traveling and I enjoy various volunteering works in our local community

Please share your personal goals with us 

To always be equipped with a positive / “can-do” mindset and be ready to roll up my sleeves and get things done as a motivated leader/mentor while coaching and guiding others to achieve more. It’s a win-win situation. Then to be a top logistics expert in the area I work in and travel around the world.

Portrait of Suki

What are your strengths?

  • Individualization: I am intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. I am good at figuring out how different people can work together productively.
  • Analytical: Instinctively, I search for reasons and causes, then find the way to dig out all possible factors or opportunities to drive the best outcomes.
  • Achiever: I work hard and possess a great deal of stamina. At the same time, I enjoy immense satisfaction in being busy and productive.
  • Harmony: I look for consensus and seek the areas of agreement from all-rounded inputs when we have different voices/comments.
  • Others: Quick learner, passionate and responsible, willing to support others.

What is your advice to other women planning their careers in CL?

It is not about where you are NOW, but more about where you are heading and what you want to be. So set your goals clear by SMART and move on step-by-step with regular reviews and adjustments as necessary; you will be at the desired destination one day.