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Violetta, Innovation Manager in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, region Europe

Our fourth lady in our series Women@CL is Violetta, Innovation Manager in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, region Europe. She is keen on exploring new fields when it comes to automation at Contract Logistics, and you will often find her in the warehouse consulting teams on process optimizations.

Violetta has a bunch of responsibilities that make her work exciting at DB Schenker. She develops automation solutions with Goods-to-Person, AGVs, Robotics, AI, and other technologies. Violetta leads automation projects on sites across Europe, supports Solution Design colleagues with automation components and manages supplier communication and consults teams in the warehouses on process optimizations. Over and above, she ensures that positive results are scaled up at DB Schenker.

To sum it all up – when it comes to innovation in automation in Europe – there you’ll find her.

Stay hungry, stay curious and remain humble!

Portrait of Violetta

Violetta our powerful Women@Contract Logistics

What makes your work in Contract Logistics special? 
In Contract Logistics, every project always brings profound insights into the respective business field of the customer. This enables me to learn new things and explore the world around me a little more every day.

What are your areas of interest/hobbies? 
Literature, poetry, and photography.        

Portrait of Violetta

Please share your personal goals with us   
The pursuit of happiness along my way is my universal personal goal.

What are your strengths?  
Pragmatic and creative thinking combined with operational experience and technical enthusiasm. 

What is your advice to other women planning their careers in CL?  
Never lose the connection to the operations at eye level: regularly exchange with colleagues from different sites and try to frequently spend time on the shop floor.

It is great to have you on the team, Violetta - thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Violetta is our fourth woman in our series Women@CL – if you want to look at the inspiring others, please read the stories from Johanny, Suki and Prabha. There are more women to come, so stay tuned!