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Portrait of Yatika

Yatika, Assistant Manager in India, Region APAC

Our fourth woman in our series Women@LandTransport is Yatika from India, Region APAC. She is an Assistant Manager with key responsibilities in operational excellence and data visibility. She works with internal stakeholders to ensure smooth operations of Land Transport in India. Her tasks are planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling cross-department projects, to name a few. Yatika also manages the reporting environment and provides data visibility through dashboards. Further, she inspires us with advice to be open to new ideas and innovations. 

Find out more by reading the full interview below. 

Always be open to learn and implement innovations.

Portrait of Yatika

Yatika our powerful women@Land

Her motto of life:
The mind is like a blank slate, fill it with anecdotes that help you learn, grow and appreciate things around you.   

What makes my work within Land Transport special?
Being the only woman in my team helps me bring wider perspectives to the table and create innovative solutions. 

What are your areas of interest/ hobbies?
Research, travelling and exploring new cuisines.

Portrait of Yatika

Please share your personal goals with us.
To become an inspiration to others and become an expert in my field.

What are your strengths?
Apt discussion making, observation skills, and I am a quick learner. 

If you could say one thing to other women who are planning to take on a career in logistics or are already in logistics, what would it be?
Always be open to learn and implement innovations.

Thank you, Yatika! It is great to see so many different women at Land Transport and in the logistics industry.