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The magic power of resilience – how is it developed & built?

Resilience & Well-being is as diverse & broad as our world, still our mental & emotional health are weighing in strongest to it. We wish to support you in your well-being - personal and at work. So we have collected some tips & tricks around mental and emotional health for you.

Emotional Health = being able to name & deal with our own emotions and also acknowledge them in those around us. Below 3 first tips on this - download the PDF for more tips, tricks & exercises!

  • Ensure to not take your team’s support as natural at any time – share an honest thank you more often, though not inflationary.
  • Unexpected positive feedback (“compliments”) are definitely an energy booster – both for the one receiving, but also for you as the one providing = focusing you on a positive experience/interaction & making you feeling grateful for this. Go for it!
  • Download frustrations & worries with each other in the team = part of the emotional hygiene. Still – make sure to stop this after a certain time & ask “and despite all this - what made you smile” and/or “what are you grateful for”?

Download more emotional health tips

Mental Health = ability to reflect on yourself, willingness to learn new things & keep an overall positive, open mindset. Below 3 first tips on this - download the PDF for more tips, tricks & exercises! 

  • Remind each other on joint strengths, contributions & successes – you are in this together as a team, and you already made a lot happening & mastered a lot already together.
  • The bigger, overwhelming an issue feels – set it into relation, asking yourself how important it will be in 3 hours – 3 days – 3 weeks – 3 years from today. Lots of “giants” suddenly become the dwarfs again they actually are…
  • Learn to set yourself mental stop signs to avoid getting into a negative thought spiral - and also stop your teammates to fall victim of the negative spiral.

Download more mental health tips

Do you have any examples or questions on resilience you would like to share with us and your teammates?

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