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DB Schenker Employee Benefit Compensation and Benefits
DB Schenker Employee Benefit Supporting Your Quality of Life
DB Schenker Employee Benefit Food for the Soul
DB Schenker Employee Benefit Connect to the Office
DB Schenker Employee Benefit Flexible Work Culture
DB Schenker Employee Benefit Outstanding Work-Life Balance
DB Schenker Employee Benefit Ongoing Professional Development

Employee Recognition & Rewards Program

Our recognition program is designed to appreciate our employees for the excellence they bring in the work area and live our values every day at the workplace. Employee achievements are rewarded, through non-monetary and monetary awards for eligible professionals.

  • Best Partner Choice award - Appreciated by our partner for the major contribution 
  • Best Team Player award - Appreciated by the internal team for teamwork and displaying value principle 
  • Best Emerging Talent award - Showcasing the capability as an emerging talent as next leadership/lead position.

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DB Schenker Employee Benefits - Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits

There’s more to compensation than just pay. You’ll also enjoy benefits like paid time off for the holidays and vacations, bonuses, and awards for special achievements.

DB Schenker Employee Benefits - Work-Life Balance

Outstanding Work-Life Balance

We want to build a long-term, successful working relationship with you, so our vacation and work-leave policies align with our commitment to helping you achieve a healthy work-life balance.

DB Schenker Employee Benefits - Flexible Working

Flexible Work Culture

Depending on your role, you may be able to customize the amount of time you spend at work to accommodate your individual needs. Choose among different workstyles, all of which support your independence.

DB Schenker Employee Benefits - Remote Connection

Connect to the Office (Without Actually Being There)

Maybe you’re traveling and working remotely or perhaps you’re working from home. Whatever the arrangement, we can offer you a flexible workstyle.

DB Schenker Employee Benefits - Ongoing Professional Development

Ongoing Professional Development

We are strong believers in continuous training and development for our people. As a valued associated, you’ll be trained on how to perform better in your current role while preparing for positions of greater responsibility in the future.

DB Schenker Employee Benefits - Compensation and Benefits

Insurance Benefits

We offer medical and life insurance benefits to our employees. We also have tie ups with leading health care providers for telephone medical consultations, employee assistance programs.

DB Schenker Employee Benefits - Healthy Meals and Healthy Snacks

Food for the Soul

Many of our locations include cafeterias where you’ll enjoy a wide selection of delicious, healthy meals, snacks, and drinks.

DB Schenker Employee Benefits - Quality of Life

Supporting Your Quality of Life

From inspiring working conditions to wellness initiatives, we help you strike a healthy balance between professional and personal goals. We offer benefits that support your quality of life and your daily work experience.