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Our Strategy

At DB Schenker Technology Center India our actions are aligned with the corporate strategy. We create a world of possibilities by delivering business-integrated & technologically advanced solutions for DB Schenker business. Our best work is inspired by our people. For us, our employees are ‘talents’ working in a team. Our workplace culture is built on pillars of stability, care, and respect. We strive to create an employee experience that equips our people with the tools and resources they need to do their most inspired work. We act based on agile methods, take advantage of lean engagement philosophy, and operate in a matrix structure. And all that while following the highest leadership standards and using the DB Schenker Group system of values.

Innovation and Digitalization

Our tech solutions are built with innovation, that focuses on final business outcomes. DB Schenker accelerates the shift to data-driven company culture by actively developing analytics and artificial intelligence-based solutions. We offer state-of-art digital services, such as platforms and mobile applications, as well as new IoT solutions to take our customers further.

We build the future of tomorrow

Innovation is in our DNA. We're futuristic about how the power of technology can help our logistics business scale to newer heights. This very purpose drives us to bring digital innovation for our partners today, and beyond.

Our Values


Walk the Talk DB Schenker Value

Walk the talk

We lead by examples. We link our actions to the company's vision and values and help others do the same.

Play fair, be honest DB Schenker Value

Play fair, be honest

We show respect and are honest with each other. We show an understanding of others' opinions and believe in success through diversity.

Be one team with one goal DB Schenker Value

Be one team with one goal

We perform best when we work as a team. We challenge ourselves and each other to seek continuous improvement and aim higher every day.

Push limits DB Schenker Value

Push limits

We think outside the box and ask ourselves "Is there a better or faster way?" Through this we lay the foundation for innovative thinking that benefits our customers.

Take customers further DB Schenker Value

Take customers further

We focus on our customers and deliver the highest quality. By seeing the customer's challenges today, we are working proactively to find solutions for tomorrow.

Win together DB Schenker Value

Win together

We create "win-win" between DB Schenker's departments and units, but also together with our customers and other external parties.